Boundary scan interconnect and functional tests for complex populated printed circuit boards offered for distribution


A UK SME delivering test solutions for complex populated printed circuit boards (PCB’s) via software and hardware tools to create stand-alone or integrated test solutions for use in development and production environments. The company is looking for distribution services agreements and license agreements.

The company offers a range of highly effective methods for testing and debugging populated printed circuit boards (PCB) which are suitable for use at any stage in the product’s life-cycle from design through production to service and repair. The tests require minimal physical access which radically increases accuracy and efficiency. Advantages and innovations include: • Tests can be undertaken in minutes • Software and hardware suitable for most digital circuit boards however complex • Ease of use, only four connections required • Clear dashboard with colour coded diagnostic to show pin state, voltage and analyse sub-block performance. These features allow the user to easily identify faults and to pinpoint their location which makes fault finding simpler and more efficient • The test features enable future alterations and innovations to be implemented without having to modify expensive test fixtures • PCB tests can be developed at any stage in the products life-cycle even before hardware has been introduced. This allows faster time to market as the hardware can be fully developed and manufactured before the software is ready • Able to test Ball Grid Array’s (BGA’s) and other fine pitch array devices which makes any re-work quicker • Optional plug-ins also production programming of embedded software, further improving time to market

Boundary- scan (also know as JTAG boundary scan) is a method for testing printed circuit boards after assembly for connectivity. Boundary scanning is an important diagnostic as it checks if a devise is correctly inserted and soldered to the PCB. Successful boundary scans can identify bugs and connectivity which shortens manufacturing lead time and reduces the number of product returns This UK Company has provided boundary scan solutions for 12 years and has a proven track record for accuracy, efficiency and innovation. Their tests are easy to implement and only necessitate four connections. The resulting diagnostic is displayed on a dashboard with a colour coded analyses which shows in real time where the faults, if any, lie. The company is looking to expand their reach and increase their portfolio of international clients by way of finding technology partners who offer complimentary solutions with through distribution service agreements or licence agreements.





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