Ukrainian producer of perlite is looking for importers


The largest Ukrainian producer of high quality perlite for construction, metallurgy, agriculture and chemical industries is seeking business opportunities across all Network countries. It is interested in distribution or agent services as well as in direct sales to industrial consumers.

- The Ukrainian company has full production cycle operating both perlite mines and processing plants; - High quality. Expanded perlite granule structure from the Ukrainian deposit has higher abrasive strength compared to its analogues from other countries; - Proximity to the EU - the production site is located in the West of Ukraine (less than 50 km to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland); - Own railway connection, fast and precise delivery terms; - Attractive and flexible prices.

The Ukrainian company produces an ecologically clean perlite - a mineral of volcanic origin with perfect characteristics (light, heat-insulating, bio-refractory, inert and incombustible). The company offers raw perlite (ore) in fractions 0-10, 10-40, 40-70 mm as well as expanded perlite of following specifications: Grade ? -75 (Fraction: 0.16 - 1.25 mm) Grade ? -100 (Fraction: 0.16 - 1.25 mm, 0.16-0.63 mm) Agroperlite (Fraction: 1.25 - 5.0 mm) Grade ? -150 (Fraction: 0.16 - 2.5 mm) These products are typically used in following industries: Construction. Used as heat-insulation filling in temperature range of -200 ? up to +875 ?; component in heat-insulating and acoustic-insulating materials; insulation used to produce floated concrete, plaster mixes, dry building mixes (Poured density 75-100 kg/m3 Grain particle size 0,16-1,25 mm) Metallurgy. Used in order to produce heat-insulation mix of perlite and graphite with thermo-lag ability and designated to create protection cover on the metal surface. Also supports the refinement of surface quality and macroscopic structure of the slab and reduces the evolution of defects of shrinkage origin. Purification and filtration. Used as filtration powder in food production (all types of liquid oils, beer, juices, wines) as well as in crude oil refining (to cleanse oil and other liquid components, oil agents). Agriculture and horticulture. Used in greenhouse business, in cultivation of flowers, quicksets, sprouts and other plants. Its unique properties secure plants intensive growth, optimum moisture retention and protects from pests. The production site of the company has proved perlite reserves of 13.4 million tons and annual production of up to 60,000 tons. Currently it is finalizing modernization of its manufacturing facilities to increase its annual production up to 100,000 tons. Company used to export its products to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and currently is exploring opportunities on other markets. The ultimate goal of the Ukrainian company is to locate industrial perlite consumers (either in Europe or beyond). The company also considers an option of working via distributors and commercial agents who are willing to sell its products.





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The Ukrainian company is looking for partners willing to buy or sell its products. These could be either end users (industrial consumers which utilize perlite in their production) or trade intermediaries (agents and distributors) with sufficient knowledge of the market able to channel client’s products into relevant supply chains.

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