Production and sale of innovative rock wool insulation for fire, thermal and sound protection


Slovenian SME manufactures rock wool insulation material, used for many different applications in construction, fire protection doors/windows, chimney coils, foundries and other applications. The products are used for sealing and offer fire, thermal and sound protection. The company is looking for trade intermediaries dealing with construction material, construction companies, fire protection doors/windows manufacturers and expansion joints manufacturers to become sales or distribution partners.

The rock wool insulation material offered by the Slovenian SME has the following advantages: - Non-toxic to people or environment - Made 100 % of natural material - Very compact (high dense shield) - Superb fire protection ( up to 240 minutes) - Easy to handle, no extra work with insulation (just cut and install) Decades worth of experiences in the field of rock wool insulation enable the company to produce a product according to partner's specification and wishes.

The company produces rock wool insulation for different purposes: - construction expansion joints, - new constructions, - reconstructions, renovations, - chimney coils - fire protection doors/windows The flexibility of insulation material enables simple installation even in the most difficult to access parts of constructions. The basic advantage of the products is high density shield system, with synthetical or glass thread, which guarantees stability and ease of installation in different settings. The production flexibility of the company enables adjustment to partner's needs when unstandardised products are required. The rock wool insulation is appropriate for installation in different settings, ensuring alignment with any construction material. The company has decades worth of experience in the field of insulation. Constant and successful cooperation rock wool supplier guarantees quality in the products. The company is looking for trade intermediaries that deal with construction materials. Construction companies, fire protection doors/windows manufacturers and expansion joints manufacturers, that would find the products interesting for their applications are also welcomed to make an enquiry.





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The company is looking for construction material trade intermediaries, construction companies, manufacturers of fire protection doors/windows or manufacturers of expansion joints. Task to be performed of the partner sought: The partner should either distribute product to other parties and act as a trade intermediary or utilize the products in the projects that he is involved with.

The company is looking for partners dealing with construction materials, that are either sales or distribution orientated or construction companies that would require the material offered for their future and current applications.

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