Serbian company offering honey products is looking for agents and distributors


Serbian company specialised in the production, packaging and trading of honey and other bee’s products: milt and pollen is seeking for agents and distributors worldwide.

Continuous technological progress and modernisation has resulted in increased production capacities, which today can reach 600 tonnes of honey per year. By implementation of standard ISO 9001 for quality management and HACCP system for food safety, company has gain possibility to offer its products on foreign markets, and to follow production chain from beehives to final consumers.

Serbian company, established in 1991, is engaged in production, packaging and trading of honey, and other bee’s products: milt and pollen. The Company purchases honey from beekeepers and currently has 2,500 regular suppliers from Serbia with whom they cooperate successfully for 25 years. The company is already engaged in transnational cooperation. Final products are mainly exported the former Yugoslav Republics: Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The company is recognized for the quality of its products and has an important position in the domestic market. Their assortment includes: Acacia honey, Lime (linden), honey, Meadow honey, Diet honey, Honey in honey combs, Forest honey, Mini honey intended for restaurants, hotel and coffee bars and Private label intended for other producers or retailers. New trends in the market were incentive for the company to add to its business an additional value (quality plus) and to start creating its own brand. The company mission is to produce and place on the market best quality, natural product, refined with sixteen years old experience, hard working and devotion of whole team, in order to create tradition which is going to be recognizable by all future generations. Company interested in finding new business partners in form of agents and distributors.





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The potential partners should be agents, distributors and other organisations willing to create long-term agreements with this company in order to distribute their honey products.

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