Portuguese traditional ceramic studio seeks distributors or agents


A small traditional Portuguese ceramic studio that produces handmade earthenware is looking for distributors and agents in a number of regions in order to market and sell their hand-made faience products.

The high quality Portuguese earthenware ceramics is handcrafted and has rich depth of colour. They make every effort to maintain uniformity. They reproduce the shapes and the patterns of traditional Portuguese and European faience in a completely manual process. They developed exquisite lead free transparent glazes that will withstand everyday use. Each piece is unique and can be used for decoration purposes or on the table in the everyday meals. Every piece is carefully hand painted using original ancient techniques

The Portuguese company active in the traditional handmade ceramic, founded in 1992, provides a range of ceramic products and manual faience, such as plates, dishes and several kitchen sets. Ceramic is a sublime art in object manufacturing, in this case, having clay as a key element it becomes unchangeable after being fired. Handmade ceramics is one of the oldest traditions in Portugal dating back to 16th century with the beginning of white clay paste manufacturing. This Portuguese company product design is inspired by portuguese tiles and earthenware from the 19th and 20th centuries. Traditional motifs are based in three natural elements: earth, water and air, usually represented by flowers, fish, roosters and other birds. The main shapes include plates, platters, jugs/pitchers and bowls. All glazes are lead free and withstand everyday use. Their products are made by humans for humans. They believe in the value and relevance of the handmade utilitarian object. Utility supports an authenticity dependent upon the direct communication of maker to user, through the object. The products are currently available in 3 European markets (Spain, Netherlands and Germany) and non-European - Austrália and USA. They are looking for partners in foreign countries, to make a distribution or commercial agency agreement, in order to represent and sell the products in other markets.





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C.23.4.1Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental articles

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They are looking for a foreign partner (like stores or home decor companies, with traditional products) that can represent and sell their products in other markets, for distribution or a commercial agency agreement.

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Their ceramic products are for many years on the world market and has always complied with all the requirements of daily use with food, including Japanese and Australian standards.

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