UK company seek manufacturers of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyethylene (PE) foam sheets


The UK company produces and sell multi-functional inflatable platforms to the marine industry. They seek ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyethylene (PE) foam sheet that is applied (glued) to the top of the inflatable platform. The UK company is looking for manufactures that can bring their technology expertise in EVA or PE to work with the company and develop a fit for purpose foam sheet and then on going supply.

The UK company has a specific request for ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyethylene (PE) foam sheet. The EVA or PE foam needs to be provided in rolled sheet format for the company to glue on top of the inflatable platform. The foam is to be manufactured to look like wooden decking (as seen on yachts). There is a single layer of black EVA or PE foam with brown foam strips glued on top to look like wooden strips (decking). EVA or PE foam is being considered as suitable materials for the job. Both are currently in use. One of the critical factors is the sheet must be able to be coloured and loaded with ultra violet (UV) stabilisers that can withstand the tough marine environment. The foam sheet must have the right density (see specification) so it can rolled up with the rest of the inflatable when stored. The product cannot discolour or mark. The brown and black foam cannot become unstuck from one another. Therefore the right supplier with technical know how and production capabilities are sought for a manufacturing agreement.





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A manufacturer is sought to bring both expertise and ongoing production of either EVA or PE foam sheets. The manufacture will work with the UK company to discuss requirements and present suitable solutions.

Current specification is:- 1. EVA or PE foam. However, company is open to other suggestions. 2. Density - so it can be rolled up when stuck to an inflatable, current one ranges form 120 - 140 kg/m3 3. Heat Stable up to 100 degrees. So it doesn't expand or shrink in the sun. 4. UV Hours up to 2500 hours. 5. To look like the attached pictures - brown with black stripes. Brown 5cm thick. Black 6mm thick. 6. Brush finish. 7. Emboss finish (to hide any potential scratches). 8. Ideally available in rolls (1.5m wide and 2m wide).

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