Dutch breeder of plants seeks manufacturing agreement for thermal adhesive ethyl vinyl acetate glue (EVA)


The Dutch SME is a breeder of fruits like ornamental gourds and produces flower arrangements for flower shops, garden centres and other outlets that are related to the interior design of houses, offices, public buildings etc. They seek thermal adhesives that are brought to a liquid state and then applied. These glues are also known as EVA glues. The SME is looking for a partner with technical know- how and production capacities for a manufacturing agreement.

The Dutch company has a specific request for thermal adhesives These type of adhesives are brought to a liquid state by heating, and are applied to the product hot - either as liquid or as a high viscosity paste, so-called hot melt EVA adhesives. These adhesives are blends of various polymers, and based on a high percentage of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Hot melt adhesives are used to bond many types of materials. In principle they must bond to a sensitive layer -like mosses to other plant material- to a plant material substrate. In this case the substrates are fruits like pumpkins, apples, pears etc. Furthermore the glues must be of the type setting hot melts type, that form a bond very quickly as they cool. As the SME lacks of knowledge of hot melt glues they are looking for a partner and supplier with technical know- how and production capacities for a manufacturing agreement.





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A manufacturer is sought to bring the expertise of the EVA glues and that is also able to supply the Dutch company with the asked material.

The required specification is: 1. Hot melt ethyl vinyl acetate glue, also known as EVA 2. Rods of Ø 12 mm and length of 30 cm 3. Transparent of colour 4. Fast setting, bond and cool quickly

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