A UK company is looking for medical equipment manufacturers and/or software producers to sell their products under a distribution agreement


A UK company is supplying professional sale and service of medical equipment for public and private healthcare providers. The company is looking for medical equipment manufacturers and/or software producers in the radiology, patient monitoring, imaging diagnostics and veterinary hospitals/practices and R&D businesses to sell their products under a distribution agreement.

The company already has professional engineering services included in their current portfolio.

A UK based company is supplying professional sale and service of high technology capital/value equipments to medical professionals, from the smallest to largest healthcare providers, dental surgeries, chiropractic clinics, veterinary hospitals/practices and R&D businesses. The UK company is a start-up, its director has more than 26 years experience in the field of service engineering, equipment installation, setup, periodic maintenance, reactive maintenance, upgrades, training, equipment end-of-life disposal and manufacturing in the field of diagnostics and therapy medical systems. The company is looking for medical equipment manufacturers and/or software producers in the radiology, patient monitoring, imaging diagnostics and veterinary industries in order to sell their products on the UK market under a distribution agreement. According to the company's research, the UK has 29500 dentists of whom 2500 work in private practices, over 3000 vet practices, 1649 private chiro clinics, 7875 GP practices and 853 NHS care providers. Among these, there are value customers which make their purchases based predominantly on the most economical/value products and they represent the company's target customers. The products that the UK company is looking to sell need to comply with the current European radiology legislations and/or Food and drug administration approval marking. Examples of products include: digital radiography mobile x-ray, diagnostic x-ray rooms, portable x-ray units, x-ray generators, pantograph dental x-ray, 3D panoramic dental scanners, digital dental film scanners, mobile units. Any add-on or stand alone medical software capable of enhancing the visualization of patient's images or general machine performance, software for image guided procedures using ultrasound scanners (paediatrics, orthopaedic, gynaecology applications), rationalization of hospital radiology workflow or patient medical records, picture archiving and communications system are welcome. The company is looking for an international long term cooperation agreement in the form of distribution agreement. The business partner may be located outside the European Economic Community but necessarily, needs to be fully compliant to enter the UK medical systems market.





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The company is looking for manufacturers of medical systems hardware and software in the radiology diagnostic industry to sell their products under a distribution agreement. Ideally the partner sought is an SME. The role of the partner in the agreement would be defined by a set of mutual rules. The UK company aims to enter into formal agreements with the partner sought. A trial period, duties and responsibilities agreed by both parties will be drafted in a contract. Also, some rules regarding terms of royalties and the way in which the products will be obtained will be discussed, e.g. sale transactions to be going in a specific channel of payment, enforcement of contract spelled out clearly in detail, which international authority will be escalated to any possible disagreements.

The company expects an offer of products, which will meet UK client's quality and price standards in particular, in the areas of value, mid-range and premium levels purchasable range. Technical Specifications can be dealt with once an offer is made incorporating key performance figures however limitations do apply for products that where incepted and produced in foreign markets that are not necessarily compliant in the UK. The offer needs to be supported by samples of technical and user documentation in particular: schematic diagrams need to be provided with not only block diagrams but with sub-systems circuit diagrams samples. User documentation can be provided in the form of quick guides and clinical applications prospects. It is desirable a user training program for the sales representatives as well, whenever is available. A prospect of technical training offered by the manufacturer prices, duration, and any certification offered at the conclusion of the course. Also, it needs to be included the description of the training facilities and of the technical training program to be followed. The samples can be provided by means of digital media or on-line access to company portals e.g. FTP facilities. Also, commercial information such as pricing, financing, insurance, lease will be dealt appropriately when the negotiations are established.


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