UK marketing and sales agent seeks agreements with speciality food producers


This UK marketing and sales agency business is looking for long-term partnerships with manufactures of specific high quality speciality foods i.e. spices, exotic fruits, super grains etc who are interested in generating export sales in Ireland and/or the UK through agency agreements. As well as sales activity, the company can provide market research & marketing support services.

This is a professional company that has considerable business generation experience. The company has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the structure of the UK & Ireland food and drink industry, the current players and the options in relation to distribution across relevant sectors including the grocery retail, food service, health food and hospitality sectors. They will provide a trusted representative for companies in their new export markets. The company is flexible and can tailor their support to include market development activities to meet client needs. The company are interested in building long term relationships based on trust, honesty and commercial success.

This UK company has over 30 years business experience developing export sales in the UK and Ireland in a number of business sectors. The company have identified opportunities in the UK food sector for good quality delicatessen produce. Consequently, they are now offering European speciality food producers representation in the UK and Ireland. The company seek agency agreements with companies who supply products that fill gaps within the existing markets specifically: • Coconut Oil • Exotic / Super Grains including buckwheat, teff, spelt, freekeh, farro • gogi Berries • Miso Paste • Medjool Dates • Sriracha Sauce • Nutritional Yeast flakes • Orange Blossom water • Maple syrup • Spices - including saffron, Sumac and Zaatar The company can represent both SME and large companies that have ambition to expand their sales outside their home market. The company can identify competitor products, pricing/margin expectations of channel players and highlight gaps that may exist for a client's products and work to develop and implement a sales strategy. They will produce prospect lists for the sector to be targetted, make initial enquiries, arrange meetings and act as the manufacturer’s representative, actively selling on their behalf and ensuring they have a local contact with their new customers.





07003002Health food

G.46.3.1Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
G.46.3.3Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats
G.46.3.4Wholesale of beverages
G.46.3.7Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices

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Potential partners will be speciality food manufacturers who want to enter the UK and / or the Irish market. The preferred business partner must comply with EU regulations/ certifications. The company should be prepared for mid/long term business development outside their home market. There are many possibilities for the agency agreement which can be tailored to potential partner’s needs. Where appropriate partners will meet to discuss the options for business growth and development. The preferred partner should be able to offer competitive prices and have a marketing budget to introduce and support the sales.

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