Japanese research institute seeking consulting company with information network in the EU automotive industry


A Japanese research institute corporation, specialized in the Asian steel market, is seeking to reach a services agreement with a consulting company or an institute, who has an information network among the automotive industry in EU. They are looking for up-to-date information on the application of lightweight materials, such as resin, composite (CFRP), aluminium (Al) and magnesium (Mg) in the EU automotive market.

A Japanese research institute corporation is seeking a consulting company or an institute who has an information network among the automotive industry in EU. They specialize in the steel market in Asia, not only in automotive, but also in energy industry, shipbuilding, construction, appliances, and some emerging markets. Their main concern about the automotive market in EU is the application of lightweight materials, such as resin, composite (CFRP), aluminium (Al) and magnesium (Mg). They are seeking up-to-date technical and business information sources in the automotive companies and mega suppliers, and universities or institutes, dealing with regulations in the related sector. Their potential partner would be able to obtain information from the Japanese contact point of the R&D projects in the EU which they have already developed. Their aim is to grasp the future technical and business trends related to automotive materials, and to prepare for the influence in the Asian market. The information they seek for is more market-oriented than from a suppliers’ point of view. Periodical reports and occasional visits to Japan for information exchange might be an option for the contract status. They would like to start from a shorter contract period, to make sure if they can get good quality information. Individual research on a single subject may not be excluded at this point.





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The consulting company or the institute should have technical knowledge of automotive materials and their application processes, and a wide range of human network among the automotive industry in EU. Type of activity is collection of technical and business information by media, interview and field study, according to the purpose of the customer. Periodical report may be required.

Various leading European automotive manufacturers and mega suppliers are in their mind for this research. Their emphasis is on the body and chassis materials, such as materials for body-in-white, closures, sheets, suspensions, followed by materials for powertrain, fuel & exhaust, and wheels & tires. R&D information including ultimate lightweight multi-materials for the concept cars, and these joining method proposed. Business information includes the application of lightweight materials for the mass production cars, their estimated cost and productivity, and supply chains. The partner should have extensive knowledge on the subject and have participated in R&D and business in this field Interviews of experts seems to be necessary, since published or released information alone may not be sufficient to fulfil the purpose. In some cases, field study and inspection of facilities might be also useful.

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They have an agreement with a Chinese institute for information exchange.

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