Czech interior design company is searching for a seating furniture producer


Czech based company, specialized in interior design from working out the study to realization, is looking for a business partner/supplier producing high quality cushioned seating furniture such as armchairs, three-piece suites, sofas, etc. Simple, timeless design is prefered. The company is capable of developing and designing the furniture itself, but will appreciate a business partner with its own design as well. The envisaged types of cooperation are: outsourcing or manufacturing agreement.

When designing the interior the company insists on the close contact with the client. It is looking for the individual solutions, which meet the requirements on usefulness and individual needs. The company puts the accent on quality, simplicity and the timeless design of the interior components. It offers not only the design study itself but also the realization of it, using its proved suppliers and providing the author supervision as well. The company prefers to design unique, individual equipment for each space. It wants to extend the porfolio of the fitted interior equipments suppliers, therefore it is looking for producers of seating furniture. It is especially interested in cushioned armchairs, sofas, three-piece suites. The company provides interior design not only for the family houses, but also for the hotels, offices, cafés, restaurants and so on. It is engaged in business in the Czech republic but also has experiences in other European locations. Previously, the company had used mainly czech suppliers. It has decided for international cooperation and hopes to find unusual and unique seating furniture producer, that will enrich its offer towards clients.





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The company prefers cooperation with experienced manufacturers who are able to produce furniture according to the drawing on small scale production. Or the manufacturers which are able to offer their own design solution as well.

The company is searching for the partner who is able to produce cushioned seating furniture, individually designed for each customer. It is a piecework, not big amounts.

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