A Bulgarian company specialized in trade with veterinary products and biocides is willing to act as a distributor


A Bulgarian veterinary company is offering its services as distributor to producers of veterinary products and tools, insecticides and biocides, identification chips for pets and livestock, etc.

The Bulgarian company is trading with almost all kinds and brands of veterinary products offered in Bulgaria and in the same time is exclusive distributor of some Austrian, Polish and Greek producers of such products. As there is a big competition in this sector in Bulgaria, the company offers itself as a distributor to producers that still have not entered Bulgarian markets of veterinary products and equipment (excluding medical machines) or mainly: - medicines for pets and livestock - preparations for delousing - feed additives and vitamins - veterinary instrumentation - product for animal care The company is interested in distribution cooperation with companies from EU in order to expand its product range and to offer new products on the Bulgarian market.





07001009Veterinary Medicine

09005Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

M.75.0.0Veterinary activities

İş Birliği

The partner sought should be a company from EU that produces different veterinary products as medicines, tools, additives, etc. and is looking for distributors in Bulgaria.

The products should be at reasonable and competitive prices, as well as new for the Bulgarian market. The potential partners are preferable to be small or medium enterprises who haven't yet entered the Bulgarian market with good knowledge on veterinary products marketing. They should be able to provide suitable initial consultation about their products.



Industry SME 11-49

English French


1 - 10M


Distribution services agreement