A Taiwanese manufacturer of perforated sheet and stockholder of stainless steel sheets, coils, is looking for distributors.


The company is looking for distributors. The company manufactures perforated sheets, as well as primary and secondary materials made of stainless steel, all made in Taiwan.

1. Every piece is manufactured according to ASTM A240 standards. 2. The company cares about the quality of its products, and offers competitive prices. 3. It exports to over 25 countries, having approximately a hundred international customers.

The Taiwanese company offers stainless steel coils, (perforated and non-perforated) sheets, checkered and non-checkered plates, expanded meshes, tubes, pipes, which are all made in Taiwan. The characteristics and applications of its products are listed below: 1. Primary stainless steel coils Material originated from Taiwan, supplying 316, 304, 430, 420, 439, 410, 409 for production of kitchen sinks, kitchenware, flatware, water tanks, medical appliances, building materials, chemical and food containers, railings, etc. 2. Secondary small coils/sheets A wide range of secondary stainless steel coils, sheets, strips, baby coils, and unsorted sheets (304, 430, 409, 201, 202, etc.) 3. Cutting & polishing services A comprehensive processing equipment providing polishing, coating, blanking and cut-to-length services, in order to make sure customers' needs are satisfied always. 4. Checkered/tread plates The company offers various thickness of checker plates applied in areas prone to corrosion. For examples, parking lot floors, elevator decorative sheets and floors. 5. Perforated sheets: Various patterns for decorations, household products, such as ventilation panels, machine guards, filters, billboards, air conditioner guards, sound proof panels, etc. 6. Expanded meshes: For filters, agricultural equipment, etc. 7. Tubes, flat bars, angle bars, round and rectangular bars: For use in construction of elevators and railings, as well as decorations, etc.





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C.24.1.0Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
C.24.2.0Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel

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The company is looking for distributors, contractors, importers, end-users of stainless steel sheets.

The company is looking for distributors, contractors, importers, end-users of stainless steel sheets.

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