UK energy-efficient computers producer seeks for IT hardware distributors


The UK company designs and creates efficient, powerful and economically beneficial computers to support clients' needs. Every computer from their standard range uses less electricity than a light bulb. The company is seeking distribution services agreements with IT hardware distributors across the EU and beyond.

The company aims to help businesses to improve their performance and efficiency. Their focus is on innovative solutions which provide significant cost savings and moving closer towards a carbon neutral way of life. The innovative IT solutions provided by the company offer highly energy-efficient computer systems.

A UK based company is specialising in the design and manufacturing of highly energy efficient computer systems. IT products offered by the company use up to 80% less energy than equivalent systems whilst outperforming those systems too. In addition computers produced by the UK company give better return on investment and have been developed to be reliable and simple to maintain. The company offers a range of products that fit desktop, mobile and server categories. Moreover, the company offers a bespoke build of IT products and on-site consultations, depending on the clients' needs. Further details on the energy-efficient product solutions can be provided upon request. The UK company is looking for distribution services agreement with businesses specialised in distribution of IT hardware and software.





03001009Other electronics related (including keyboards)

C.26.2.0Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

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The company is open to entering into a distribution agreement with prospective partners who are interested in selling energy efficient IT hardware. Potential partners should be experienced distributors with a local market knowledge and substantial contacts within IT/technology sector in their region. The distribution partner ideally has a consisting business organisation with technically oriented sales representatives. The company expects an active sale of the products in the respective sales markets. The distribution in the respective countries should have medium or long term character.

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