Turkish manufacturer of feed additive premixes for animals seeks distribution partners


A Turkish company that was established in 1987 is active in manufacturing of feed additive-premix for animals for national and international markets. The company is looking for distributors for its products.

There are ISO 9001-2008, ISO 2200 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates in the company. Also they apply to obtain GMP-plus certificate. The company also invests on a high capacity premix machine to boost capacity. The company is regularly following issuing sector fairs in national or international markets. The company has a R&D department with the engineers and veterinaries developing innovative projects on feed additives with the unlimited budget. Moreover, the company has the ability to facilitate technical assistance for overseas distributors. The company has another advantage by means of price; raw material purchased in large quantities and due to high volume of production,resulting in decrease of manufacturing costs. As a result, this brings the advantage to offer customers flexible prices.

An experienced Turkish company is dealing with the manufacturing of feed additive such as minerals, vitamins, colorants, sweetening and amino acids. The company that was active in this sector since 1987 is exporting the products to a lot of foreign companies from different region-Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Syria and Cyprus. Also in these regions, the company has current contacts with distributors and wholesalers whereas they have their own sales force for end users (i.e. big farms) because of customer requiremets. The company has a large product range that includes very kind of feed additives. In the process of manufacturing, the company is in a cooperation with a lot of internationally the best suppliers to get raw materials. With these raw materials the company manufactures more premixes that are too important for animals' health. The manufacturer has a few brands have been registered trade mark. Such as one of the brands is used to keep Salmonella and other gram negative bacterium under control in mixed feed and in feed raw materials. Because formic acid, propionic acid, ascetic acid and ammonium format within its structure exist freely, it has a very strong. The other one is a sophisticated product having egg shell formation factors within, which has organic minerals having a balanced composition, natural yeast cell wall, egg shell matrix formers, calcium absorption regulators, epithelia protective and minerals preventing being toxified, and has the characteristics of egg white improving, and shelf life lengthening. The company has more products like mentioned above. The list of products are enzymes, yeast, flavors, anticoccidials, organic minerals, amino acids, growth promoters, milk replacers, by-pass products, toxin binders and other feed additives products. In the sector, the company has an important place regarding to price competition and the quality of the products. The Turkish manufacturer is looking for partners that can be act as a distributor or a wholesaler that can reach feed facilities or big animal farms.





05008002Food and feed ingredients

C.10.9.1Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals

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The future partner should be interested in establishing long-term cooperation. The partner can be a distributor or a wholesaler. It should have a wide sales network and provide qualitative representation and dissemination of the company's products on the local market. The potential partner should consider and compare the price advantages with the other manufacturers

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