Swiss company looking for distribution partners for computers with open source software


A Swiss company established in 2013 is looking for distribution partners for their computers equipped with open source solutions such as Linux for private and office use. The Swiss company is dedicated to the idea of creating eco-friendly, long lasting solutions. Therefore, the partner sought should not be in favour of products serving the idea of planned obsolescence.

The computers offered come with pre-installed sustainable long-lasting open source solutions that are not planned to become obsolete or expire in the near future. The spare parts are available at low prices. An online guide for do-it-yourself reparation and online support via forum are provided.

The young Swiss company established in 2013 employing up to 10 co-workers and with a yearly turnover below 2 million is one of the first marks in the Swiss IT-business to provide products that last as long as possible in contrary to the major players of the sector. The company sells computers with pre-installed open-source software, such as Linux, for private and office use.The partner sought should share the dedication to eco-friendly and sustainable solutions that are not designed to become obsolete in short time. The partner sought should be able to provide after sales service online, if needed.





01003006Computer Software

02007008Business and office software

G.46.5.1Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software

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The partner sought should distribute the computers with pre-installed open source software and have the capacity and know-how to deliver after sales support via an online forum. Ideally, the partner sought should be in favour of sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that are not designed to expire or become obsolete in a very short time.

The partner sought should be familiar with all kinds of open source software for office and private use and also dispose of capacities to guarantee a regular availability to the client via an online forum.

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