Swedish company within automation industry is looking for European partners for distribution and license agreements for its unique control tuning systems


A family-owned Swedish company based in Västerås has developed an award-winning adaptive control system for industrial automation. The owners are looking for business partners for distribution and license agreement who can bring the technique and products to a larger market in order to increase the quality and profit in industrial production

The Company offers compact PLC systems with both classical automation functions and high-performance self-adaptive controllers and other modern methods. The company received the prestigious IEEE CSS award from the American Engineering Organization IEEE for its adaptive (self-learning) techniques. Installations have been made to several industrial processes within the steel and energy areas, e.g. cold rolling mills, continuous casters, industrial furnaces, oil burners, gas turbines, silicon furnace biofuel plants etc. The improvements in production have been significant. The company has developed the techniques to a very mature stage in more than 100 installations.

This Swedish company was founded in 1992 in Västerås, Sweden by the inventor of the first adaptive control system on the market. They offer technological automation (Programmable Logic Controller - PLC) systems with special focus on high-performance and accurate control. The company is one of the very few companies on the Swedish market that can offer general self-tuning regulators and other new techniques in standard PLCs for automation industry. The control techniques have resulted in significant improvements in many processes. The company has developed this adaptive technique even further. It is today a standard function in the MicroController XC technological PLC, which can be used by any engineer familiar with PLC systems. The adaptive regulator in a modern framework is as easy to use as a (Proportional-integral-derivative controller – PID) but much more efficient. However, the owners now believe that the present organization is too small in order to make full use of the advantages of the developed techniques and methods. Therefore, they are looking for business partners for distribution and license agreement which can help the company reach a larger market. This partner should be an engineering SME with wide customer relations within the automation who want to get a competitive advantage on this market.





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The partner should offer either marketing resources or project resources within the areas of automation where the products and concepts are used. A project partner may typically be a small to medium sized engineering company which wants to get a competitive advantage with products and concepts. The company offers ready-made concepts for rolling mills, continuous casters, industrial furnaces in the metallurgy area and control concepts for a large number of different production types within the energy areas. The potential partners should have good customer relations within the automation area and have marketing network to reach such customers. An alternative would be if the partners have their own systems to which the company could make a technology transfer of some software on a license agreement. The owners now look for business partners to be able to bring the products and methods to a wider market. The partnership may include: (a) Extended ownership which allows the company to build up a larger organization with special focus on marketing and sales (b) Technology transfer to other automation systems (c) Project partners which may use the developed products and concepts in their own deliveries to get a competition advantage (d) Distributors or agents in other countries which want to present new aspects in automation.

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