Hungarian company dealing with Intelligent Energy Storage Systems is looking for distributor mainly in Europe.


Hungarian company specialized in manufacturing lithium-based Intelligent Energy Storage Systems is looking for distributors mainly in Europe. The company also deals with the trade and manufacturing of other related electronic products.

- Excellent technical background and 20 years of experience on the field. - Continuous development: Recently invented a lithium-based intelligent renewable energy storage system where the software enables the pre-setting and remote control of the charging and discharging periods of the batteries, enabling a more effective control of the environmentally friendly energy storage. By using smart battery management systems the lifetime of batteries are extended, and it will be possible to store more energy on site. - The company can undertake the management of the complete scheduling, research & development, engineering and production phases of the realization of such an intelligent energy storage product or line of products. - The company offers a wide variety of warranty, post warranty and after-sale services as well.

Hungarian company operating in the field of the design, engineering and production of lithium-based battery systems, solar-inverter solutions and other related energy storage technologies and electronics. The company is engaged in research & development, prototype development projects and international vocational programs. Hungarian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of electronic products in need for experienced and capable international distributors. The company manufactures lithium-based Intelligent Energy Storage Systems and is looking for distributors for such product mainly in Europe. Main products include special intensive electronic devices (purpose battery packs, industrial sized battery chargers, industrial PCs and other R&D). The Hungarian company provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sale and outsourced research & development services in the electronic engineering field. The company is the head of a nationwide service and trade-network and each service-point has a trade unit for selling electronic parts and related equipment (industrial, household and entertainment application).





03003Power Supplies
06008Energy Storage
07006Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)
08005Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

C.26.1.1Manufacture of electronic components
C.26.4.0Manufacture of consumer electronics
G.46.5.2Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts
M.71.1.2Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
S.95.2.1Repair of consumer electronics

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The Hungarian firm is looking for electronic companies as distributors who are active in the field of design and innovation. It is seeking partners who can introduce the products to new markets worldwide.

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