A Hungarian shoe manufacturer is looking for distributors


The Hungarian company manufacture a wide range of shoes for babies, men, women, also sport shoes. They produce special formed, supinated shoes for children too. They would like to find partners to distribute their quality products abroad.

The company produces supinated shoes which helps to prevent supination and develop children's healthy arch of foot. The company has the appropriate background to produce such equipment. These special - and also the normal, handmade - products are made form quality, durable materials.

The Hungarian company's main profile is designing and producing of sandals and shoes for children and babies, but they also manufacture for adults. Their products are handmade, leather shoes with leather liner or furring and own form-soles. Special product of the company are the supinated sandals and shoes for children. These shoes specialty is that the inner edge is heightened by 4-5 millimeters, hence it props-up the supinated heel-bone. This shaping helps to develop the healthy arch of the foot. The company owns the necessary certification to produce these special kinds of shoes. This family run business is the only one which offers supinated shoes with combined rubber nose and supinated sole in the Hungarian market. The children shoes with leather lining are available in sizes from 16 to 34, while shoes with leather lining and cleats are available from 30 to 35. This company is unique in the production of first step (infant) shoes with rubber nose in size 16, in which the babies are able to walk on or use the baby swing. Shoes are produced for all season. The company also manufactures football and sport shoes and insoles. Since 2002 all of the products are available under the brand name, in a unique gift box. The manufacturer is looking for distributors to sign a distribution service agreement.





07004001Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

C.15.2Manufacture of footwear

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The Hungarian company is mainly looking for kids shoes wholesalers, store networks, retail chains or wholesalers of baby products.Trade representatives, shoe stores, baby accessories stores are also welcome. They would like to sign a distribution contract with their partner in order to sell their products at the foreign markets.

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