Rainwater and greywater supply units - German company seeks distribution partners


A German company develops and manufactures products for rainwater and greywater harvesting, as well as rainwater infiltration trenches. Their supply units operate automatically. They are environmentally friendly and are characterised by high savings and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to modular set-up applications from private households to industrial use can be served. Distribution partners are sought.

• Worldwide most economical rainwater module for single family dwellings offered (small unit) • Affordable standard version for small to medium sized commercial properties available (medium unit) • Speed controlled, modular set-up with expandable power flexibility for individual requirements can be devised (large unit) • Low maintenance requirements • Environmentally friendly • Well designed components / space-saving units

A German company is specialized in rainwater and greywater technology and products.They developed supply units that feature automatic operating and monitoring stations with a pump, controller and built-in mains water supply. These supply unit modules can be wall mounted in a small space. The pump draws water from the tank via an intake suction hose. It can be used for supplying a number of consumers, either within or outside the building. Applications are e.g. for flushing toilets, in washing machines, irrigation and cleaning systems, cooling systems and for other purposes. If insufficient rainwater or greywater is available, then the units automatically provide an integrated, certified supplemental supply of mains water to fulfill the respective task. The end-users for these units range from private households, trade and industry up to municipal applications. The supply unit models can be specifically tailored to customer requirements by setting them up in a number of combinations for domestic and commercial applications. For larger commercial applications, where pumping reliability and consistency is necessary, speed-controlled models can be used. Here up to three supply units can be connected and controlled in parallel, thus forming a powerful multiple pumping system. Distribution partners, possibly with complementary products, from the field of water recycling and reuse or rainwater utilization or infiltration are sought.





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Distribution partners are sought Ideally, the partner has experience in the field of water recycling and reuse or rainwater utilization or infiltration with other products and now wants to complete or to substitute their range. For example producers and distributors of water storage tanks would be interesting partners. Furthermore the company should work not only locally, should be well stocked, should have good contacts to architects and engineers as well as to installers, building contractors and dealers. Task to be performed by the partner sought: The partner should be interested in integrating this offer in their portfolio. The relevant know-how to offer consultancy as well as after sales service will be transferred by the German company who are also ready to assist in initial installations.

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