Irish IT company wishing to enter into a services agreement with similar providers of mobile-friendly websites


This Irish IT company adapts static websites for access on smartphones. The company uses white label software to complete adaptations to increase the amount of website hits. They wish to offer their services and liaise, where possible, with businesses who currently work in a similar area by entering into a service agreement with interested companies.

The main advantages are: -companies current Google ranking will be largely unaffected, -app development of a site will cost more and use up more memory on a customer's smartphone, -turnaround will be 5 days and not 4+ weeks, -current site content will not be compromised, -they can add e-commerce/payment option at no extra cost & -will give companies more opportunities to interact with both new and current customers.

The company, which is based in Ireland, are offering their services to provide a quick solution to counteract the affects of Google's recent decision to favour mobile web searches. Google has made changes to the machinery of its mobile searches that will reward websites deemed mobile-friendly and penalise those that are not. Their future partner will gain the software used by the Irish companies to increase websites' hits on mobile searches. Please note the software is available in other languages besides English. The desired outcome would be the expansion of their own market overseas. They plan to do this by entering into a service agreement with companies based in other European countries.





01005003Microwave service facilities
01005006Visualisation, Virtual Reality

02007001Systems software
02007007Applications software

J.63.1.2Web portals
S.96.0.9Other personal service activities n.e.c.

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They are looking for parties who are experts in their local market and also have the Information Technology skills that relate to the user interface and are aware of requirements of users/visitors to websites in their local territory. The partner can be of varying size and type across the Enterprise Europe Network but they should be open to a services agreement.

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