UK healthcare company seeks European distributors for drug free pain management device


This innovative UK healthcare company has manufactured and retailed pain management products for over 20 years. Now this company is looking for distribution of a Class lla pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy device for pain management within Europe and worldwide.

• Attractive margins for distribution • Class IIa medical device with CE marking to the medical device directive. • Clinically trialed at the King’s College Hospital, London,UK • Large potential customer base - over 55’s • Proven track record of sales • Logistics infrastructure in place.

This UK based healthcare company manufactures and retails an industry leading Class IIa medical device using electromagnetic field therapy for pain management. The device was initially developed for use in hospitals to reduce the chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis. It has since been shown to relieve chronic pain derived from a range of conditions whilst being completely drug free and without side effects. The company has worked in collaboration with leading scientific research laboratories to advance and develop this product to the highest standard and it has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. The device itself is portable, battery operated and is small enough to fit in the hand of the patient. It comes complete with a velcro strap and additional batteries. The company has a large existing UK customer base through multiple routes to market achieving over 500,000 unit sales including NHS pain clinics throughout the UK. The company is looking to further the success of this device by increasing their distribution throughout Europe and worldwide by way of distribution agreements.





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The Company is looking for European and worldwide distributors that have existing links to health organisations, pharmacies, hospitals, private clinics or direct to the end user to sell this medical device under a distribution agreement. The UK company is willing to work closely with the right partner throughout the process which includes marketing support and product training.

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