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A Swedish SME is looking for a distributor to sell their odour absorbent to the French sports market. It is important that the distributing partner sells to major sport stores today. The designed and branded product has been a success on other markets already and is used to remove odour from sport gears. It comes in small packages and with store displays that easily fits on a checkout counter, making it easy for the stores to sell.

The product is a revolutionary, fun and easy-to-use product that does not just hide odours, but effectively goes to the source of the problem and eliminates it. The product comes in six different designs and has shown that it fulfils the desire for several of customer characteristics. The company offers a well brand and designed product that can be sold with good margins for the distributors. The company has already store displays that easily fits on the cash desk and is actively supporting the distributors.

The Swedish SME has introduced a designed and branded odour absorbent on the market with success, started in Sweden and sold 200,000 units the first year. The company has expanded the market to the other Nordic countries, Benelux, Germany, etc. and are continuously growing their markets. The product is used to remove undesirable smell from all kind of sports products, such as running shoes, hockey gears, ski boots, sport and fitness bags etc. The odour absorbent is sold in sport stores together with these types of products. The product comes in small bags that can easily be displayed in strategic places in the stores. The company is looking for a distributor to sell their product on the French market. The distributor should already have sale channels to all the major sport stores in France. The company's philosophy is to focus on few targeted distributors, usually only one in each market in order to build a strong and fruitful relationship.





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The company is looking for a competent distributor with a strong sales force and an established network with key accounts in the sports market. The distributor needs to have a good financial stability and its own warehouse from where they can distribute the products. Preferably the distributor is covering the big targeted segments for the product which is sport stores, shoe stores, cycle stores and drug stores.

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