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A Polish law company specialised in commercial law, civil law, companies law, IP law, procedural, administrative as well as real estate law is offering its services to companies willing to enter the Polish market under services agreement. They are interested in cooperation with the EU companies, especially from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy.

Thanks to the own network of offices as well as developed cooperation with associated law firms internationally, the company is able to effectively and efficiently deal with the clients’ cases wherever their services are needed. They have branches in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland.

The Polish law company has been present on the Polish market since 2001, however its origins date back to 1980 when the main office in Madrid was opened. After 6 years of a fruitful cooperation in Poland, in 2005 they opened their own office in Warsaw and at the moment provide highly specialised legal services to clients in all sectors of the economy guaranteeing comprehensive assistance and legal advice covering all the areas and specialisations of law. The company specialises in the following areas: - Commercial Law - they provide legal assistance in all matters related to the preparation, conclusion, negotiation, assessment, resolution and execution of contracts at a domestic and international level. - Real Estate - they assure legal advice on all matters related to the real estate market. - Banking and Finance - they provide legal assistance in the establishment of branches and representative offices for foreign banks, investment companies and pension funds. - Administrative Law - they represent clients at all stages of the proceedings in the general field of administrative law. They offer legal advice both in terms of substantive administrative law and administrative procedure. - Intellectual and industrial property rights - they advise clients on the acquisition and protection of intellectual assets. - Unfair competition - they advise on matters relating to unfair competition practices, including those related to counterfeiting, deception involving brand names, violation of business secrets, etc. The company provides legal assistance including preparing reports, negotiating and representing clients in court proceedings. - Employment Law - they provide comprehensive legal services related to all aspects of employment law. - Transportation - they provide legal services for the transport sector, in particular relating to road transport and logistics. Among other things, they advise on all regulatory issues related to transport and logistics, international agreements and the negotiation of the terms of services provided. - Litigation and arbitration - they provide comprehensive legal advice in the preparation and conduct of judicial and administrative proceedings as well as proceedings before the arbitration courts. At the moment they are focused on providing services to foreign companies mainly from Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and Switzerland. They are looking for a longterm cooperation under services agreement with companies already present on the Polish market or wishing to start their business activities in Poland.





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They would like to start cooperation with companies already operating on the Polish market and those interested in starting their business activities in Poland willing to benefit from comprehensive assistance and legal advice.

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