Electricity network products and services provider sought as Value Added Resellers (VARs) for radiometric condition monitoring


A Scottish SME provides condition monitoring products and services to owners of medium voltage (MV) and high voltage networks (HV), combining radiometric technology and real-time reporting enabling electricity transmission and distribution utilities to monitor their substations and switchgear on-line and in service. They seek partners who already provide HV/MV products and services to the electricity transmission/distribution system operators, to act as value added resellers/distributors.

Regular trend analysis of partial discharge allows clients to assess the condition of their asset, plan outages, maintain control over support costs, increase the productivity of the equipment, maintain supply continuity with end customers and, most importantly determine a safe working environment for employees. The company was established in 2007 and already has multiple monitoring systems world-wide and is an established provider of radiometric partial discharge surveys to UK transmission utilities. A spin-out company, it is a world leader in non-invasive radiometric location of partial discharges. Their experience of problems affecting the international high voltage community means they have an in-depth understanding of utilities' needs and goals.

A Scottish SME has proprietary products and expertise in radiometric condition monitoring, detecting and locating partial discharge in substations and switchgear allowing electricity utilities to manage their medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) networks safely and cost effectively. The company's monitoring systems are non-invasive and can be installed with the network in service and without any equipment downtime or system outage. This non-invasive nature brings not only safety benefits, but also minimises installation time and reduces routine survey costs. The systems can both detect and locate partial discharge allowing operators to manage and prevent potential failures resulting from incipient high voltage insulation faults. The monitoring systems are designed to integrate with the company's state-of-the-art partial discharge web-based solutions. The substation-based systems transmit data over high speed wireless links to a central location where the data is processed and displayed in a web portal. The web portal is fully accessible and can also be used to set up email/SMS alerts for severe particle discharge activity and automatically generate custom reports. The company would like to open the European market and work in countries where a mature electricity infrastructure exists.The company seeks Value Added Resellers (VARs) who already provide electrical products and services, particularly in the area of high and medium voltage systems, to the Electricity Transmission System/Distribution Network Operators (TSOs/DNOs).





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The company seeks Value Added Resellers (VARs) who already provide electrical products and services, particularly in the area of medium and high voltage systems, to the Electricity Transmission System/Distribution Network Operators (TSOs/TNOs) customers. The ideal VAR would be an established company who have committed and trusted relationships with these customers, have the engineering knowledge to understand the technology, site expertise in order to work in substation environments and their own presales, sales, support and marketing staff that understand the value proposition of the technology. The company would be expected to survey and install the condition monitoring systems as well as to provide training to customer personnel.

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