Company developing wireless applications for mobile devices providing interaction between audience in meetings is looking for services agreements


The solution provided by the Brussels company is a new service to make audience interaction in meetings easier and secure, either with or without an internet connection. It lets the users set up, run and participate in multi-interactive meetings with large numbers of participants. They simply use their own devices, such as tablets, smartphones and lap-tops to provide feedback/comments/questions to the presenter. The company is looking for partners for services agreements or licence agreement.

The solution allows to display information and quickly collect valuable data from customers or group during meetings. One of the main advantages is that the solution is secure since it uses a private and confidential network. The product is trusted by the pharmaceutical industry which involves confidential and very sensitive data. It works everywhere without an internet connexion and is easy to transport and to install. It is a user friendly concept, a plug and play system compatible with all types of PC's, tablets and smartphones.

The solution is a communication tool aimed at sharing information during meetings or conferences. It has been developed by a Brussels-based company specialised in marketing, communication and event management. The company has been working with the pharmaceutical industry for many years and has developed the wireless solution for meeting interactions in order to respond to an identified need from its clients. The solution enables animated presentations with features such as electronic voting, graphic animation, quizzes and videos. Today, the main pharmaceutical multinationals settled in Belgium use this technology for meetings, advisory boards, and scientific meetings with doctors. The solution can be used by any industry, although, experience shows that it is very appreciated by the pharmaceutical industry for security reasons and its user friendly concept. The company is looking for international partners such as agents or companies specialized in ICT or companies providing IT services to the pharmaceutical market in order to grow its business abroad. License agreement could also be considered to develop the service.





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Different kinds of partners are sought mainly for a services agreement: - A communication agency or company specialized in ICT with a good knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and scientific meetings. The communication agency could use the solution during its events. The ICT company could integrate the tool in the ICT products proposed to potential final clients in the pharmaceutical industry or to other organisations or companies organising large events. - Agent or company providing communication tools specialised in the pharmaceutical industry - Universities interested in using the solution for training purposes The company is ready to develop a licence agreement with the potential partner.

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The product is already on the market. It is going through continuous development and improvement.

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