Romanian proximity marketing platform developer seeks international partners and resellers


The Romanian company is an IT solutions provider founded in 2001 with offices and collaborators in Sweden, Romania and Denmark. The company delivers a proximity marketing platform that helps brands to communicate directly with their customers, in a more relevant and interactive way and can be used for interacting with customers directly on their smartphones, based on their location. The company is looking for distributors or partners to develop new projects under an outsourcing agreement.

The proximity platform is the perfect solution for interacting with customers directly on their smartphones, based on their location. The client can create greeting messages, as well as offers that attract customers into the client's store, polls to find out the customers' opinions and many more. In addition, by interacting with consumers through the platform, the client automatically gains access to their contact details and this helps the client to obtain a more comprehensive view about the target audience. The platform is a multi-channel platform which allows advertising through the following channels: • a proximity mobile application which engages users through interactive campaigns such as contests, discount coupons, polls, treasure hunt activities and more • an interactive application for digital screens • a platform for social media management. The platform is based on the beacon technology and is compatible with any type of beacons. Through this solution the user can easier manage the promotional campaigns, benefits of a social media module that turns the customers into promoters of the client’s image, benefits of beacon management and obtains real time statistics.

This Romanian company is developing software solutions for different sectors (transportation / fleet tracking, E-commerce, legal,Human Resources, sports) having a large portfolio of clients both in Romania and abroad. They develop new applications, but they also offer development of new possibilities, upgrades and interfaces for existing applications as well as migration of information systems. The proximity marketing platform is a solution for proximity-based on mobile marketing using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, designed for shopping malls and retail. Its mission is to connect the digital world with the stores, by creating amazing experiences and sustainable relationships between brands and consumers, through relevant and personalized marketing campaigns. With a single cloud-based platform, the user can attract customers to the shopping malls, increase traffic and influence the acquisition process by easily creating promotional offers, vouchers or discounts to increase notoriety and sales. Platform’s modules: - Promotional campaigns With this campaign management module the user can easier create promotional campaigns such as discounts, vouchers, contests, surveys, by using predefined templates to easily setup the special offers. Social media integration capabilities will turn the potential customers into fans that will recommend the user's brand, products or services to their friends. - Social Media Module The platform helps the user turn its customers into promoters of their image: while they are exploring and filter what they like, the user learn who they are and what they want, giving them rewards for visiting the store page in social media (check in), becoming fans (like) or recommending the user (share, email, etc). - Beacon Management The platform provides a complete hardware solution for setting and configuring a proximity-based mobile marketing campaign. The company provides and configures the beacons, their location and end-to-end management. The time saved with the management platform can be used to develop and implement directly the events and promotions. - Real time statistics The user gets complete information and an overview of each campaign created, in real time, with no additional steps or costs. It can see the number of visitors, who they are, when they visit the mall, how much they spend, what their favorite stores are, what offers they are interested in and what they like. The Romanian platform provider is looking for distributors at a worldwide level and partners with ideas for developing new projects based on the platform (in the frame of an outsourcing contract).





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The company is looking for international partners interested in proximity solutions, partners that are interested in distributing the client’s existing platform or have an idea for developing a new project in which the client might be involved.

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