Polish company making Uninterruptible Power Supply products and systems offers services to partners from Germany, United Kingdom and Italy


A Polish micro company specialized in providing comprehensive services in the field of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products and systems is looking for services agreement with partners from Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

The company offer is: - fully comprehensive. The company offer includes design, implementation, maintenance, repair and training services; - flexible. The company not only offers instalation of new UPS systems, but also maintenance or modernisation of already existing systems.

Polish company specialized in the field of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products and systems is offering its services regarding comprehensive development of project, design and structure of the power system installation, supply and installation of equipment. Apart from above mentioned services, the company also provides: - substantive assistance in the selection of equipment and the creation of guaranteed power plant projects; - power installations based on the latest solutions, working with UPS systems; - repair and maintenance services of equipment provided by most well known international companies active in the field of emergency power systems and uninterruptible power supply systems; - test and trainings regarding proper use of equipment offered by the company. The company offers such equipment as: - power distributors, generators, loss of voltage and bypass systems; - low, single-phase power UPS: 500W - 3000W; - capacity batteries 5Ah - 250Ah (integral part of the UPS systems); - power inverters. The company is also planning to expand their offer and include green energy technologies (e.g. Photovoltaics).





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The company is looking for business partners (companies, research institutions, industry) interested in instalation and maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Supply systems in their premises. The cooperation would be based upon a services agreement with Polish company. The company addresses its offer to all sorts of professional users including IT/ICT companies, data processing centers, medical facilities, and other clients active in the field of technological processes and industrial automation requiring a constant supply of electricity.

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Company is active since 2012.

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