Greek manufacturer of ventilation machinery in industrial production is looking for distributors


The Greek company, manufacturing ventilation machinery, specialized silos, dedusting systems, material handling systems, fans and painting chambers for industrial use, is looking for distribution agency agreement.

The company applies the ISO 9001:2008 & CE quality management system standards. With 40 years of experience in manufacturing, the Greek company can meet complex and specific demands. Advantages: - Design and manufacturing of dedusting systems and air treatment units, painting booth and separation systems. - Highly experienced technical team. - Modern machinery equipment. - Immediate response to maintenance and repairing. - Low-cost solutions. - Certified production process.

The Greek company designs and manufactures a complete range of dust collection equipment, for 40 years already, using a wide variety of silos, filter units and portable dust collectors. The system and equipment of the company meet the needs of filtration, storage and air purification in industrial sectors such as wood, chemical, food and paper etc. The company stands for the know-how, modern machinery equipment and prompt response to maintenance and repair. The main products of the company are: - Dedusting unit and silo dedusting - Silo or Dedusting unit with automatic feeders for heating - Multicyclones - SILO - Cyclones - Centrifugal fan - Air ducts - Booth –cabins - Absorbent bench sanding with integrated filter - Activated carbon unit - Separation systems Having already owned the Greek market, the company is looking for distribution services agreement with partners active in dust control systems with a big network of clients in the industrial sectors of wood, chemical and paper.





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10002001Indoor Air Pollution/Treatment

08004001Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment

C.28.2.5Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment

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Distributors, active in dust control systems with a big network of clients in the industrial sectors of wood, chemical and paper.

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