Turkish company specialized in truck mounted and scissors platforms seeks distributors


A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing fire fighting platforms, truck mounted platforms, scissor platforms, trailer platforms and self-propelled platforms is looking for distributors.

*The company collaborates continually with technical engineers, universities and customer groups in order to provide products that meet the needs of consumers. The company conducts R&D activities with the universities to develop and manufacture innovative platforms and hydraulic systems. *The company has 33 years of experience in the field of platforms and one of the leading brand in Turkey *Good referances around the world.

The Turkish company was established in 1982 and specialized in developing and manufacturing of fire fighters, truck mounted platforms, scissor platforms, trailer platforms and self-propelled platforms. The company has group of companies including 5 firms operarting in manufacturing, service providing and R&D activities. One of them is producing high working platforms. All of its products have obtained the legal requirement of CE certification. One of them is producing safe baskets, slewing- rings, gear boxes etc. for their platforms and for other platform producers. Service company provides a 24 hour maintenance and repair service for the fleet and also deals with a certain amount of the leasing coordination. The company is looking for distributors for their platforms and hydraulic systems. The potential partners should be experienced in related field.





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The company is looking for distributors that have market knowledge. The potential partners should have the right selling channels in their region. Besides, potential partners should have the technical knowledge about hydraulic systems and platforms because the potential partners supposed to provide technical service in their region after a technical training in Turkey.

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