UK manufacturer of custom MRI coils and phantoms is looking for a distribution or partnership agreement with companies in complimentary markets.


A specialist RF electronics company from the UK which develops and manufactures custom MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) coils and phantoms for clinical research and pre-clinical applications is looking to increase international sales through distributors and manufacturing agreements with OEM manufacturers.

- Wide range of custom built RF coils for special applications. - Strong focus on customer support. The company works with customers to ensure the supply of the best possible RF solutions for specific research needs. - Technical support on all aspects relating to coil performance and related factors to ensure excellent results: use of phantoms to ensure consistent performance, protocols and QA checks.

The company was founded in 2012 in UK. It brings together physicists and engineers with extensive experience in MR (Magnetic Resonance) system and MR imaging and spectroscopy combined with comprehensive skills in RF (Radiofrequency) coil, RF electronics and mechanical design. The company offers a wide range of MRI coils and phantoms including transmit / receive coils and multi-element coils that can be configured to fit the client’s needs. The company's main products are: - RF coils for clinical research - Custom RF coils for MR imaging - Wide range of single and dual tuned RF coils for multinuclear MRI and MR spectroscopy - RF coils for pre-clinical studies - Volume birdcage coils – single and dual tuned quadrature coils for MR imaging and spectroscopy - Surface coils and multi-element RF coils - Phantoms for MR spectroscopy and imaging on whole body systems and pre-clinical systems The company wants to increase its international presence and it seeks distributors experienced in providing high-tech products to research centers and academic medical centres. The company would also seek sales agreements for MRI coils for OEM manufacturers.





06001013Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering

05002Medical imaging

C.32.5Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies

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Role of Partner: Distributor or partnership with companies in complimentary markets and / or technology. Distribution partners: Provide MRI coils to research centres and provide installation and after-sales service. OEM-partners: Define specific requirements for the MRI coils to fit with their diagnostic machines.

SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250

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