Training and R&D services on human induced pluripotent stem cells-based technology available for biotech-oriented companies and academic laboratories


A French SME dedicated to cells engineering and specialised in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) technology transfer towards biotech and pharma laboratories is looking for services or outsourcing agreements. The company takes in charge, in the client's facility, every step of laboratory setting and team training, to efficiently import technologies and make its client rapidly operative in the field. The company also offers on-demand R&D.

The SME was created by an expert in Cell Biology & Biotechnology with a significant track record of 8 years research in the field of human pluripotent stem cells (derivation of human embryonic stem cells from genetic disease-carrying embryos). Investigations on new medicines require models closer to pathophysiological situation. Pluripotent stem cells allow the setting of new models with high predictive ratio. Those cells have interesting characteristics: they can be amplified almost indefinitely and can acquire any differentiated phenotype by changing culture conditions, making them an ideal basis for in vitro models. The invention of cell reprogramming has allowed the derivation of iPSC directly from adult human tissues. This approach makes now possible to build up an in vitro “avatar” from any adult patient. Nevertheless, manipulating hiPSC requires a specific know-how, difficult to transfer, making the acquisition of those iPSC-based techniques a money-and time-consuming process. In this context, the SME has developed a solution based on insourcing services. Into their client’s lab they perform technology import autonomously before training the client’s staff in the lab with the equipment they will be daily using. This makes possible the creation of a competent and autonomous team in a few weeks. To speed up the client’s project start, the company can also be directly involved in the client R&D program. To sum-up the advantages are: - Rapid and effective setting-up of technologies - Services tailored to specific needs of each biotech-oriented client company - No recruitment needed - An adapted support to launch the project of each biotech-oriented client company - An identical training for the whole team - Support for strategic phases iPSC technology importation performed by an expert ensures biotech-oriented companies efficacy and rapidity and secures their projects using this cutting edge technology.

The France based SME, created by an expert in Stem Cell Biology and Biotechnology, helps companies and academic laboratories to import and manipulate human induced pluripotent stem cell-based technologies (hiPSC). The company formulates services with innovative frames, by setting iPSC culture and characterization techniques, training people and completing R&D directly in customer’s laboratory. This in situ frame prevents time- and money-wasting and allows to reduce the technology importation phase to a few weeks. The company offers, through Services Agreements with companies or academic laboratories to provide this turnkey insourcing solution made of 4 modules adaptable to the client laboratory real needs: 1) Consulting Because of its deep knowledge of advantages and constraints of this technology, the company can advise its client accurately to refine its project, to organize its laboratory and its team, for networking or for recruitment. To find out solutions adapted to the specific client’s needs, the company advises the client punctually or for longer periods. 2) Technology import The company rapidly and efficiently establishes the technical basis to prepare modules 3 (Training) and 4 (R&D on demand). They install new devices, choose strongly validated reagents and assist their client to appropriately organize space and people. For in situ importation and validation of culture techniques, they thaw “school”-iPSCs and culture them in the client’s lab, test classic techniques, until obtaining stem cells fulfilling visual quality control. The company then prepares and validates master and working cell banks for training and R&D programs. 3) Training To launch ex nihilo a fully competent and autonomous team, the company trains the client’s staff with the equipment they will be using. The company offers three training tools to transfer the whole know-how: • One week long intensive training to iPSC culture and characterization based on demonstration and practice • Weeks long know-how transfer on culture, characterization and management of crisis situation • Newly trained people follow up to guide first steps in the pluripotent stem cell world 4) R&D on demand To make its client R&D program starting more rapidly, the company can be directly involved in by performing first experiments. Depending on the client’s needs, the company can be involved either in a few steps requiring acute experience or by completing a full research program. The company can develop new culture or differentiation protocols, address new technologies or test reagents. To maximize the client’s chance to recover cells from frozen tubes send by collaborators, the company can take on this step for its client and prepare master and working cell banks. This fully adjustable service will fulfil the client specific expectations and needs, in a time frame from a few weeks to several months. This framework involving the presence of an expert in the client’s facility definitely secures the project using this cutting edge technology. To ensure the client with results, invoicing is success-based! The company also proposes outsourced services (through Outsourcing Agreements) to companies wishing to punctually perform experiments using iPSC without importing technology. The company can address iPSC culture and differentiation problems through elaboration of new protocols or reagents.





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The services are intended for biotech-oriented companies, from SME to big pharma, and for academic laboratories. In the framework of a Services Agreement, the company will deliver to the biotech-oriented company or academic laboratory the personalised service (according to the modules needed) fulfilling its specific expectations and needs, in a time frame from a few weeks to several months. This set of services is provided directly in the client's facility, from laboratory setting and team training to on-demand R&D, to efficiently import technologies and make the laboratory team rapidly operative in the field. In the framework of Outsourcing Agreements, the company will offer outsourced services to clients wishing to occasionaly perform experiments using iPSC without importing technology.

No technical prerequisite. If the client company does not have any activity in cell culture, the company can help building a lab and training the team. The client’s staff must have a minimal competency in biology manipulation (and a good motivation!).

SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500

The original method developed by the company has been validated in real conditions with one important French organisation which has benefited from the service. The service is thus now fully operational

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