A Russian company specialized in resource saving equipment is looking for trade intermediaries and is also is interested in joint venture in Germany, France, Finland, the UK and Ukraine.


A Russian manufacturer of a whole range of resource saving equipment (water, energy, heat, space and time saving) wishes to find commercial agents and is also interested in joint venture in Germany, France, Finland, the UK and Ukraine.

The company’s advantages and innovations include: - Highly efficient devices for resource saving; - Client oriented approach - The company is constantly developing its technologies and in search for innovative solutions

The Russian company specialized in manufacturing of a whole range of resource saving device is looking for trade intermediaries. The company is also ready to consider joint venture. Established in 2013, the company is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the sphere of resource saving on the regional market. The product range of the Russian company includes different types of devices: 1. Hands Free Automatic Sensor Sink Mixer AF-8901D – the sensor technology provides with considerable water saving (up to 70%) as the on/off switch process is automated. Temperature control by sink holder; 2. Water Saving Adapter WA-101 – equipped with a sensor and installed on a sink mixer instead of an aerator. Water saving goes up to 70%. The device prevents germs and viruses dissemination. Easy installation, compatible with most faucets; 3. Head for sink mixer FC-2065 – equipped with a mechanical rod and installed on a sink mixed instead of an aerator. Water saving up to 70%, easy installation – no plumber service needed. 4. Energy saving light switch photoacoustic LH-601R – for common facilities, residential areas and business premises. An integrated control panel fixates motion in the area, providing with a considerable energy saving (up to 80%). The device doesn’t switch on in daylight (i.e. when light level is sufficient). Compatible with any lamp type (incandescent, fluorescent, LED); a remote control for easy parameter setting, quick installation, smooth on/off switch for lamp life cycle extension, nighttime background lighting with tunable brightness for incandescent lamps.





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The Russian company considers the following companies as potential partners: - Trade companies, distributors of resource saving equipment which wish to find a trusted supplier of high quality product at reasonable price; - Manufacturers of resource saving equipment interested in joint venture with an innovative manufacturer of similar product; - Industrial companies wishing to reduce resource costs. Type of partnership: Commercial agency agreement. Joint venture agreement.

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