A leading German ironmongery hardware manufacturer for sliding doors and hardware components for internal pivot doors is looking for competent distributors in Europe


A German furniture and building fitting system manufacturer is offering a wide range of sliding door solutions for glass- and wooden doors as well as all other hardware components for internal pivot doors. The company is looking for distribution partners in Europe.

Due to the set-up of the company's organization it is able to develop its clients' product requirements in record time which fits into the company's innovative product range. Numerous registered patents and utility patents are the best proof for the high development competency. A coherent sales promotion concept is provided.

The German company is an innovative furniture and building fitting system manufacturer. Activities include development, construction and production.As a general contractor, the company with a team of 40 employees, is responsible from the first product idea to the serial product. The company's product range includes • Fittings for sliding doors, for example a new room separation system • For revolving doors: a soft close system and an almost invisible door stop system where magnets hold the door in the final position • For cupboards: the first patented cupboard mount for floating base cabinets with drawers to optimize installation. This unique, high-performance fitting can easily bear a load of 300 kilogrammes. The company is also offering a plug finder hotline, which allows customers to easily discover the right plug for the walls they have. The company has a reliable, substantial supplier network. This way the fitting manufacturer can quickly implement ideas at any time and thus continuously guarantee the highest quality. Independent testing institutes put the special fittings through their paces to confirm the legal standards. Clients who buy the German company's products are supported when reselling the products and receive a complete support packet to make the sale even more successful. The company is looking for distribution partners that are active in the following fields: door industry, glass industry, trade or dry wall fittings.





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The German company is looking for distribution partners. Possible partners are glass manufacturers, glass trade, ironmongery hardware distributors, door manufacturers, dry wall fitting companies, house builders. To help the partner's sales department become familiar with the products the German company arranges practical product workshops. All along the value added chain, the company relies on a coherent, sales-promoting concept. This includes, for example, assembly videos, textless assembly instructions, pictures, flyers, sample cases, stand-up displays and mobile showcases.

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