Exclusive distributors sought for high end male grooming line sold through hairdressing channel


Dutch producer of male grooming line for hair and beauty care products is looking for distributors. These high end products are supported by an education programme for hairdressers to improve their cutting skills and for training on sales and use of the product. The SME is offering a distribution services agreement to companies with good contacts in the hairdressing business in the UK, Norway and Sweden.

The product range exists of a limited number of products to cover all styling and skincare needs for men. The products are supported by an extensive and professional educational programme in which hairdressers improve their cutting skills, their knowledge of the market and sales techniques.

The male grooming market is growing, creating a business opportunity for distributors to start in or expand this part of the local market. The products this Dutch company offers are designed for men who are looking for a simple, no-nonsense solution for styling and protection of hair and skin. This product line is supported by an education program for hairdressers. In this programme barbers with extensive, international experience inspire, excite and teach hairdressers to improve their cutting skills, the male market and selling the product. This education program has proven to be successful in establishing the brand, creating excitement and inspire hairdressers. The brand is also supported by up to date marketing imagery. Partners can offer this education to hairdressers that have shown an interest in selling the products in their salons. High performance of the products was key to the development in which the Dutch company also used natural products whenever possible. The Dutch company is small and very flexible with an enthusiastic and motivated team and offers exclusivity and a good margin. The company is currently active in Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To extend its presence in Norway, Sweden and the UK the company is looking for companies with good contacts to high end hairdressing salons and offers them a distribution services agreement.





03004011Care, Hygiene, Beauty

07004002Health and beauty aids

S.96.0.2Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

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Small, dedicated manufacturer of a high end male grooming line company based in the Netherlands looking for exclusive distributors, selling through hairdressing channel. Dutch company is looking for an enthusiastic, committed partner with knowledge and access to the high end hairdressing salons in their country. A distribution services agreement is offered. The distributor will arrange a location for the educational programme and participants from several salons and the Dutch company will provide the barbers to train the hairdressers. Up-to-date marketing imagery is available for use in marketing products in the local market.

SME 11-50,SME <10


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