Spanish manufacturer of frozen seafood is looking for distributors


Spanish company specialized in processing and marketing frozen fish is looking for importers, wholesalers, and traders in the frame of a distribution agreement. The company offers a great range of frozen and pre-cooked products such as fish, seafood, cephalopods, battered and breaded fishery products, and elaborated frozen products.

Company has modern processing rooms where the qualified team is trained for processing products in a variety of formats that customers request (IQF packaging, bulk, vacuum, interleaved or in bags), also studies and tries to develop any innovative proposal. In addition, the company has a large kitchen where it offers tastings to customers. Awards to taste and quality Spanish “Sabor del año 2015”: Received for the fourth consecutive year. Breaded squid strips; battered squid rings and spaguettata di mare are the products that have received this year's consumer recognition. International ITQI 2015: Also for the fourth consecutive year. This is one of the most important international awards in the world of restaurants; where aspects such as appearance, color, texture and flavor are valued. Products that have received the award are: Patagonian squid, breaded squid strips, floured squid, battered squid rings, antipasto di mare and mare e monti. ISO 9001 and IFS standards: it has received the IFS and ISO 9001 certifications. In 2015 company presented at the XXIII edition of European Seafood Exhibition, its new product, the selected tuna loins.

Galician trading and processing company of frozen seafood is one of the major fish wholesalers in Europe. They offer a wide range of frozen, precooked and elaborated products from species captured and frozen on board: -Natural frozen products: a wide range of fish, seafood and cephalopods. Species such as squid, tuna, swordfish, salmon, hake, cod, shrimps, etc. in different cuts (slices, steaks, fillets, etc.) and packaging (bags, cases, skinpacks, etc.) -Precooked frozen products: a wide variety of battered and breaded products, offering added value solutions. -Elaborated frozen products: product range in continuous innovation to match new consumer demands. Having its own fleet; plants of raw material in the origin areas of fishery and plants of elaborated products in Europe, allow it to offer a wide range of frozen and precooked products. Company is interested in developing new markets through the distribution of their products. They guarantee the maximum standards of quality for all products by offering the best frozen techniques and the best service across the entire supply chain.





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09005Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

C.10.2.0Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs

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Channels they seek to commercialize their products: Retail, traditional fishmonger, importers, wholesalers and traders, also foodservice.

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