Italian winery specialised in organic products is looking for agents and distributors


This company is located in the South of Italy and it was founded in 1950. Today, thanks to the efforts of its founders, the production is totally organic. The wine is produced in different varieties that reflect the tradition of the territory: Primitivo, Fiano and Nero di Troia. The company is looking for agents and distributors in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway.

The company's founders are personally engaged in the whole production process, using their long term experience and doing the best in order to be constantly updated on innovation processes. All the human resources engaged have a deep knowledge of the plants, soil, wind, water and people. The company ensures an high quality level of its products thanks to a constant care and a continuous research in order to enhance a native grape varieties, aimed at creating a wide range of wine that can express the intense features of the Mediterranean vineyard. One single rule is observed: to respect and observe the grapes quality in order to obtain elegant and competitive wine which could catch customer's taste. The production process is environmentally friendly. The products of the company are organic, authorisation IT-BIO-004 The company has a long tradition. It was established in 1950. The company has a long experience in international trade too.

The company was established in 1950 by its vine grower in a little town in the South of Italy. In 1997, thanks to the efforts of generations, the founder decided to convert the vineyards to the organic farming principles in order to obtain healthier grapes and wines. The vineyards have an extension of 40 hectares conducted in certified organic farming, and they surround the new built winery. This is very important to preserve the perfumes quality that would otherwise disappear due to oxidation and high temperatures that usually occur during the harvest period. The winery is also equipped with a capillary cooling system in order to control the temperature during each step of the process, from the grape crushing to wine aging. The fermentation and aging are performed according to the protocols of organic wine, by preferring the physical methods rather than the chemical ones. The grapes are harvested by a modern harvester that allows to collect only clean and healthy grapes. This is done by a short and firm shaking of the vine, without ruining it: this makes only the grape berries fall into a bin, the ones that are not so good remain attached to the rachis, which in turn remains on the vine. There is also a system of additional cleaning and leaf removal of the harvested grapes, expelling any vegetables impurities. This allow to collect only good grape berries, cutting down the use of sulfites. The production varies from white to red wines, with 7 different wines and since 2015 the company manages also the packaging phase, with a modern plant inside the winery. The company is trying to expand its activity abroad, above all in Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and in the USA, they are looking for agents or distributors. The ideal partner has to have experience in promoting and selling top quality products, for this reason and in order to reach the targeted market the company is going con consider the following types of partnership: - commercial agency agreement :the partner will work on commission and has to have a good knowledge of the market and should be able to represent at the best the company’s products and needs; - distribution agreement: the agreement won't be exclusive, and the partner should be able to reach restaurants, gourmet & delicatessen stores and special division to supermarket.





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The company is looking for trade intermediary service (agents and distributors). The partner should follow these characteristics: Trade (Buying/Selling), Service. Type of partner: distributors and agents with experience in the sector which could be able to extend the company's products in other countries. The ideal partner should have its own representatives network. Trans-National Co-Operation: Preferred.

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