UK developer of an innovative low cost digital mathematics tutor, for phones and tablets, is looking for partners to incorporate the software into their learning and offer it to the wider community.


UK company developed an AI tutor for maths that guides students through their work step by step correcting their attempts and providing hints tips and relevant video clips if they get stuck. The company is looking for a joint venture agreement or a license agreement.

The company has a technology advantage through the use of their own algorithm, which allows the software to correct and log each attempt at a math problem by a student in real time. The digital tutor is available via both Google Android and Apple iOS, and is available on both phones and tablets, allowing it to be accessible to a wide audience. There is much potential for the growth in the abilities of the programme, with the potential to support new types of sums in the future. (Basic algebra, quadratic equations and simultaneous equations are already supported). The technology is far cheaper than private tutoring; regardless of whether it is used to entirely replace physical tutoring or not, use of the digital tutor saves money as private tutoring hours can subsequently be reduced. The technology can be brought into the classroom and allows teachers to become better informed of their students' progress. The programme can show who is struggling, who is less engaged, what the common mistakes are and can display other similar information.

A UK-based company has developed software for phones and tablets which acts as a low-cost digital tutor in the subject of mathematics. The company aims to bridge the gap between traditional one-to-one learning and modern e-learning solutions. The programme is a means to promote complex maths learning in a manner that is enjoyable for the student, embracing technology to enable learning. Through the utilization of an intuitive digital copybook interface, the personal and focused aspect of the traditional tutor can be maintained. Simultaneously, convenience and value are present, with the technology available via mobile phone and tablet. The company initially intends to engage the parents of students, promoting a monthly subscription for the use of the programme, to improve the learners' abilities. Following on from this, the company wishes to incorporate the technology into the classroom itself, as a method for the teacher to get in-depth insights into where the collective students are having difficulty and identifying bottlenecks with the individual learner. The software corrects work as you go, meaning sums do not have to be redone due to small mistakes. The built-in tutor can also help when students are stuck, with the ability to provide tips, hints and videos. The company sees maths learning as a global market place with the same issues and difficulties across all cultures. Due to this, the company wishes to make its technology available across the world. The company is looking for partners who can incorporate the technology into learning and offer it to the wider community.





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The company il looking for a license agreement and a joint venture agreement



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