An Italian company that produces green laminate for indoor is looking for new trade intermediaries.


The company has developed a new generation of laminates, with natural touch and look aimed for application in the field of furnishing and interior design and is looking for new trade intermediaries in order to improve their presence on foreign markets.

The company has developed a new generation of laminates for indoors, made with fibers of wood called. The variety of colors, wood reproduction, trendy designs, metallic effects, shiny and like wood surfaces are the specialty of the company. aimed at covering surfaces in the furnishing, furniture and building Sector like interior doors, doors frames, skirting, wall paneling, kintchens, furniture, cabinets, bedrooms, profiles caravan, boating and lifts. This new generation of laminates an excellent barrier against the emission of formaldehyde in the supports usually used in the market, like agglomerate panels (chipboards, M.D.F. Medium Density Fibreboard, etc.). Moreover, when burning, it don’t produce toxic or corrosive gases, therefore they are easily disposable like waste. Therefore, this technology is eco-friendly not only for the product itself, but also allows the product derived from its applications to reach excellent results

This company has been on the market of wood/furniture and indoor architecture products since 2001. Spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial boldness and a large team of collaborators and suppliers have allowed the company to achieve important results in a constantly changing market and territory. The company located in the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, which, owing to its particular historical and geographical identity, has always been sensitive to international changes. Spirit of enterprise, industrial expertise and a boost towards innovation have gathered here the building blocks of the success that the company today experiences internationally. Their strength is the high quality of the manufacturing processes and an extreme attention to natural products, free from pollutants such as formaldehyde, phenols or solvents. A business that through differentiated solutions is able to offer products that convey multi-sensorial emotions, noticed and appreciated for their beauty, originality and uniqueness. The company is looking for new trade intermediaries (distributors and/or agents) in order to improve their presence on foreign markets.





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C.16.2.1Manufacture of veneer sheets and wood-based panels

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The company is looking for agents and/or distributors already well introduced in the furniture and furnishing sector that can support the company to improve their presence on foreign markets.

Laminate available in thinckness 0,2-0,3-0,4 mm. Laminate available on roll or already applied onto MDF panels (Medium Density Fibreboard) 3-4 mm.

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