South Korean manufacturer of mobile phone accessories is looking for a distributor in Europe


The South Korean company consists of professional designers and IT experts who work together to create innovative designs. They manufactures innovative and stylish mobile accessories.The company specializes in making phone cases with various designs. They are looking for a distributor in Europe who can distribute their product through distribution agreement.

Their advantages are: -Unique designs not easily seen in Europe -Creatively designed together with IT professionals -Guaranteed quality in comparison to products from other Asian countries. -Diverse design giving wide range of choices for each customer and market

The company is located in South Korea and specializes in manufacturing mobile accessories. They have been producing innovative mobile cases in particular to satisfy market needs. Desired business partners are local distributors who can sell mobile accessories, particularly phone cases, in the European market through already established distribution network. OEM(original equipment manufacturer) is also available upon request depending on the volume of order.





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They are looking for a distributor who has distribution network in mobile phone accessory business. The company wishes to enter the European market through distribution agreement.

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Percentage of overseas sales: 90%



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