Spanish company dedicated to manufacturig of innovative paintings is looking for distributors and/or commercial agency agreement


Spanish company dealing with manufacture of high decoration and innovative paintings is looking for distributors or commercial agency agreement. The company has a great portfolio of traditional paintings as well as other paintings which create unexpected environments.

High qualities of their products, improved in their own laboratories, making a great advantage against competitors. The company is constantly seeking processes of ongoing improvement not only for the products, but also for techniques for applying them. As a result of this development, the main innovative aspects of the products are based in the results obtained in the use of the products. Margins are not controlled for the functioning of the market, but for the final distributor.

Spanish company with 30 year of experience in the sector of paintings. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of high decoration and innovative paintings. The use of these type of products requires some knowledge to be applied within everyone’s reach. Great final results, obtaining unexpected environments like: Metal effect, a futuristic water-bassed paint which gives the surfaces a modern metal effect. Ready-to-use product. Black particle effect, new high decoration product recreating modern atmosphere with smudged effects in many colours, by mixing different black and white particles contained in the product. Effect ancient lands, product made with a mix of blurred effects, obtained by combining different materials and particles. Multicolour particle marbled effect, design paint composed of pigmented and minerals, which do not mix so it is obtained an effect of two different colours. Sandy effect, coating paint made from micronised minerals. It is a new paint with touch and visual effects, which will give a personal style, with a contrast based in different tones of the same colour. Gritty effect. Land semi gloss effect, with semi brilliant texture. Imitation marble. Synthetic stucco for interior works, suitable for walls and ceilings. By using a spatula, it is possible to create marble-like finishes. All products are easy to apply due to its irregular hand-made finish. Different final effects by using special brush or flexible spatula. It is also available other kind of decoration paintings, as well as industrial paintings. Great developed portfolio with a total of no less than 500 articles. The company is looking for distributors or commercial agency agreement as they want to expand its new products.





07001007Other leisure and recreational products and services
07004003Home furnishing and housewares
09004001Business products and supplies
09007002Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
09007003Distribution of building products and systems

C.20.3.0Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics

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The company is interested in distributors, commercial agents or freelance sales representatives in order to expand its products. It is looking for companies with background in sales of decorative and industrial paintings. It would be desirable if distributors or agents had a developed sales network capable of covering the most part of its country market.

Some of the company’s commercial names are registered and patented

Already on the market



Industry SME 11-49

English Spanish


Experience in Foreign Trade, in countries as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Romania, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea and Arabic Countries.

1 - 10M


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