A Croatian producer of baking equipment is looking for distributors and commercial agents


A designer and manufacturer of baking equipment and machines is looking for partners to help them place their products on foreign markets. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

The main advantage of the company is its 20 year long tradition in the production of baking equipment and machines. The products are characteristic because of their high quality and affordable prices. All products are tested and certified in authorized laboratories and are 100% CE products.

A Croatian company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling machines and equipment used in the baking industry, is looking for distributors and representatives for its products. The company's product range includes ovens (electrical pizza ovens and backing ovens with a rotating rack), doughnut fryers (semi-automatic and manual fryers), proving chamber with steam and heat generators, filling filler for doughnuts and croissants, tables, trolley for ovens, trolley for dispersed material, baking trays and casts (aluminium casts, baguette trays). The products are mostly made of stainless steel. The company is producing those products for more than 20 years and would like to find business partners and place their products on markets where they still don't have representatives.





08003007Other industrial equipment and machinery

C.28.9.3Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing

İş Birliği

The potential partner could be a company that is selling bakery equipment and machines and that is open to new products in their product range. A potential partner could also be a supplier of baking machines and equipment, who would represent the products and introduce them to potential partners (shops that are selling such products). Role of the potential partner is distribution/representation.



Industry SME 50-249

English Italian


10 - 20M


Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement