Car wash equipment agency searching for exclusive representative and distributor in Turkey.


A Maltese company that has been in the car wash business for 23 years is searching for Turkish petrol station and car wash operators, and heavy equipment importers to be the exclusive representative and distributor of car wash equipment in Turkey. This company has the exclusive right of representation for distribution of German car wash equipment in Malta and is also responsible for the North African, Middle Eastern, Cypriot and Turkish markets.

- 23 years’ experience in distributing and managing self-service car wash systems. - After sales service support - Easy accessibility between Malta and Turkey.

The company is an experienced trader in the automotive sector involved in the selling of brand new cars and importation of selected used cars, mainly sourced from the U.K. and acts as a sole agent for electric scooters designed in Germany and imported from Taiwan. The company is also the exclusive representative in Malta of a German car wash equipment manufacturer, which specialises in washing equipment for domestic and industrial uses. The German manufacturing company, established in 1959, produces high pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, self-service car wash equipment, and roll-over brush wash. In 2011, it developed and started selling its fully automatic and touchless car wash system. It has 20 exclusive agents around Europe including Malta. The car wash system, for which an exclusive distributor in Turkey is being sought, uses high pressure de-mineralised water together with environmentally friendly chemicals to clean, polish and dry cars, eliminating the possibility of scratches on the car body spray. The distribution agreement offered will require the distributor / agent in Turkey to provide: • A sales office to sell products under the German trade mark • Conduct marketing activities and services. • After-sales: sale of parts / chemicals and servicing. • Do the first car wash project in the first 6 to 12 months of operation. This will preferably be managed by the importer/ agent so it will serve as a selling point for future projects. • Safeguard the interest of the manufacturer. • Will act as an independent trader as regards both the manufacturer and customers. • Inform the manufacturer of his activities as well as the market conditions within his territory. • Obligation to buy an agreed minimum quantity yearly. The German company will: • Do a due diligence exercise. • Support in training and development. • Grant the agent a discount in accordance with the submitted Export price list valid at the time the products have been purchased.





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Petrol station and car wash operators, and heavy equipment importers to represent this German company in Turkey and distribute its equipment and products.

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