Developing and manufacturing biological solutions for ammonia and nitrate treatments


A French SME develops innovative biological solutions using different kinds of natural microorganisms enabling the degradation of a large range of organic pollutants, especially nitrate and ammonia. They seek distributors, commercial agents and engineering and services companies dealing with industrial effluents and animal / fish farming for or license agreements.

Natural process using properties of wild microorganisms Pollution used as “food” Harmless and natural microorganisms No additional equipment required Global reduction & elimination of mentionnend pollutions

The nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen is converted between its various chemical forms. This transformation can be carried out through both biological and physical processes. Important processes in the nitrogen cycle include fixation, ammonification, nitrification and denitrification. Elevated nitrate is a problem as a contaminant in drinking water (primarily from groundwater and wells) due to its harmful biological effects. High concentrations can cause disease, and have been cited as a risk factor in developing gastric and intestinal cancer. Due to these health risks, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on finding effective treatment processes to reduce nitrate concentrations to safe levels. Indeed, nitrate in safe levels is a primary source of food for plants and anaerobic bacteria. Ammonia impacts both the environment and human health too: eutrophication, soil acidification, changes in vegetation & ecosystems, smog & decreased visibility. A French SME, founded in 1979 by several researchers in microbiology and biochemistry, has developed an innovation biological solution using simultaneously different kinds of natural & wild microorganisms; enabling: - Mineralisation of organic matter - Rehabilitation of water ponds or polluted soils, especially after chemical fertilizer spreading - Cleaning of industrial & animal farming waste waters (pig breeding...). The solutions are composed of selected microorganisms capable in polluted water and soils: - For ammonia and its salts: to reduce content and organic pollutions in polluted water and soils - For nitrate: in aerobic condition: nitrate are transformed into organic nitrogen. In anaerobic condition: with simple carbon source, nitrates are biologically transformed into nitrogen gas. Products can be used to target one pollution, or both simultaneously. It leads to overall reduction of organic matters pollution in soils and water. Their Colony Forming Units (CFU) are greater than or equal to 106 CFU according to the french norm NF V08-011-1:2013-10-11; and equivalent to NF EN ISO 4833-1:2013-10-11 The applications cover pollutions in soils and waters coming from different sources in: - Industries - Farming The French SME is expecting distribution agreement, commercial agreement or license agreement with distributors, engineering & services companies in environment or industries, animal / fish farms. The French SME can also improve their products, and develop new ones according to specific requirements.





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M.72.1.1Research and experimental development on biotechnology

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Partners working in the environment sector and open to innovative & natural solutions: industries, farms, distributor, commercial agents or engineering & services companies are sought to promote the products, distribute or use it.

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