Turkish company specialized in designing and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor decoration and ornaments seeks distributors


A Turkish company specialized in designing and manufacturing of decorative indoor accessories such as coffee tables, tables, wall accessories, vases, candlesticks etc. and outdoor accessories such garden furniture legs, bridge millings and street lights is looking for distributors.

-Young, dynamic, creative and qualified designing team. -The company can design and manufacture its products on special order and according to customers demand. -Competitive offers compared to European companies. -The company can supply high volume demands.

The company was established by a woman entrepreneur in 2015. The owner of the company is an industrial engineer and descends from a designer family so she decided to compound her family’s business knowledge with her skills and established a successful business. The company’s qualified staff consists of an industrial engineer, painter, sculptor and mechatronics engineer. The company is involved in several sectors but mainly focused on designing and manufacturing of indoor&outdoor decoration and ornament. The company’s range of products and services include wall accessories, coffee tables, tables, vases, candlesticks, leg of garden furniture, bridge millings, street lights, jewelery design and manhole covers. The company is manufacturing its products by using aluminium casting, brass casting, polyester, sheet metal processing and forging. The company is able to manufacture its products on customer’s specific demands. The company’s customer portfolio includes hospitals, hotels, plaza and factories. The company is looking for distribution partners. The potential partners should have a wide range of selling channels in their region.





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M.74.1.0Specialised design activities

İş Birliği

The company is looking for distributors that are active in related sector. The potential partners should have a good market presence and may already be supplying the interior design & decoration, outdoor design & decoration, home decoration shops, shopping malls, etc.

SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500



Industry SME <= 10





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