Market-leading telematics company offering state-of-the-art tracking solutions seeks sales partners


A market-leading Danish telematics company, specialised within innovative tracking solutions, is looking for distribution partners or agents in Eastern and Southern Europe in order to continue its successful international expansion. The company offers a strong portfolio of tracking devices and an open software solution, customizable to meet specific customer demands.

The company has a strong focus on innovation and product development in order to ensure its position as market-leading provider of innovative tracking solution. The high quality tracking devices offers a long operating time thanks to a powerful battery ensuring a longer time between charges compared to competing solutions. The device can be modified to match individual needs, is easy to use and is able to operate in difficult conditions due to its highly sensitive GPS receiver. The open-source software allows for the development of custom applications and functions and enables customers to build a complete application from the very beginning or add specific application modules to the standard tracking application.

Since the foundation in 2004, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, bringing the newest tracking technology to the market. The company has developed a unique and fully flexible tracking system, easy for everyone to operate. The system consists of innovative GPS tracking device hardware which can be combined with an open source software adapted to the individual customer needs. The company is working within 3 main areas: personal safety (elderly, children, lone workers, etc.), fleet management (tracking of vehicles, boats, etc.) and asset tracking (protection of valuables) and is active in diverse industries and sectors such as health and safety, automotive, logistics, offshore, social care, construction, manufacturing, etc. The company is based in Denmark. Today they are active in 13 countries and is internationally recognised as provider of innovative tracking solutions. In order to continue their successful international expansion, they are looking for distribution partners or agents in Eastern and Southern Europe.





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Potential partners could be suppliers of asset management and/or security services active within one or all three business areas. Partners should have an established sales network to be able to cover the whole market and the organisational capacity to handle after sales service. Potential partners could also be software-providers looking for hardware to supplement their solutions. The company is primarily looking for distributors, but could also be interested in sales representation through agents. Partners will benefit from being able to offer their customers access to state-of-the art tracking solutions. The Danish company offers strong partner support, including necessary training and product know-how. There will be a close dialogue and exchange of experience in order to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation with measurable market results.


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