Italian company producing dehydrated, semi-dry and dry-freeze vegetables for all foodstuff industry is looking for partners.


This italian company is specialised on the production of dehydrated, semi-dry and dry freeze vegetables. The production includes all kinds of vegetables from tomatos to artichokes and a line of biological products (dry, semi-dry and flour). The company is looking for trade agents or/and distributors to widen its activity in France, Belgium, Germany, Uniteded Kingdom and Netherland.

The company is endowed with a modern and efficient productive system, characterized by a high flexibility which consents to the company itself to satisfy the requirements of every single customer. The opportunity to offer dry-freeze products is included in this context: the company has a special deep-freezing system that unifies the advantages of the dehydration with those of the preservation at low temperatures. That is why this company is the ideal partner of all those companies working in deep-freezing field. The research and development laboratory inside the company not only ensures high quality products, but also offers support for their use and personalization. Nowadays the company guarantees products coming from biological agriculture and an integrated struggle against use of pesticides; employs the HACCP program, up-to-dated according to the production requirements, and is also going to be certified with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and BRC (British retail Consortium).

This is an italian company which produces dehydrated, semi-dry and dry-freeze vegetables for all foodstuff industry. The company is new and dynamic and its production is in the southern Italy, in Puglia region, in a territory which is on the European top of fresh vegetable production. The proximity to the agricultural centres together with a special control service ensure to the company the high quality of its products. This quality assurance also includes all manufacture phases until the packaging of the finished product. Thanks to the innovative productive process the company is able to obtain dehydrated, semi-dry and dry-freeze vegetables, which preserve almost the same organoleptic characteristics of the fresh ones, excellent microbiological requisites and a steady quality standard. Moreover, the same innovative process also keeps colour, taste and functionality of the vegetables: the control of microbic charge is done by employing process temperatures which are higher than 100°C, and by making the food not to come in contact with the steam; besides such peculiarities give a strong reduction of the pathogen germs. Thanks to its modern and efficient productive system, the company provides customers with a wide range of stabilized vegetables, products which are in a middle position between dehydration and deep-freezing. The peculiarity of the stabilized products is their low water content whose release doesn't happen during cooking phase, so assuring the preservation of the main organoleptic qualities. According to the different water content, stabilized products are preserved at room temperature or deep-frozen. The spice, texture and taste of stabilized products make them the ideal topping for pizzas and other similar meals, as well as the ideal filling for stuffed pasta, gnocchi, or even the ingredient for prepared sauces and vegetables in oil. The production is vary, it includes all kind of vegetables and the company dedicates also a line for biolocial products. The essential principle in company production is quality. The extreme attention in selecting the best raw materials, the Control and Quality Assurance service and the continuous training of the staff represent the constant dedication of the company, which aims at offering high quality products to its customers. The products BIO are also directed in this line: all the production, from the bedding out of plants until their cultivation according to Biological production disciplinary, is followed by very qualified technicians. For all controls the Company has got its own laboratory, but it is also supported by other external certified facilities. In this way it is possible to carry out a complete and efficient monitoring of all production stages. The production cycle of BIO foodstuffs can be supervised in all its parts, so what the company gives its clients is a wide range of products that unify a modern system of production with the interest to the environmental protection and the care of its end-consumer. The company is looking for trade intermediaries, agents and distributors for expanding its activity in France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Netherland.





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The company is looking for trade intermediary service (agents and distributors), following these characteristics: - Field of activities: manufacturing, trade (buying/selling), service; - Type of partner: distributors or agents with experience in the deep freezing field which could be able to extend the company's products in other countries. - Trans-National Co-Operation: preferred

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