A French company offers its services to companies interested in developing their commercial presence on the French market.


A French company proposes to SMEs and bigger companies interested in developing their activity on the French market to recruit and manage their local sales and marketing force. It can act as a business development partner under a subcontracting, a service provision or an outsourcing contract.

- No commercial staff to hire or train for the foreign company. - Short or long term cooperation depending on results and targets.

The French company offers its services to foreign companies of all sizes interested in developing their activity on the French market. The company offers to recruit and manage a sales and marketing team dedicated to each client, based on its project in order to develop the company’s presence on the French market. The sales and marketing team's tasks will include negotiations with potential clients, visits of the points of sale and regular monitoring of orders and sales, as well as setting up of promotional events among other activities. The French company can actively participate in the establishment of the most relevant marketing strategy for the local market thanks to its experience and knowledge of the French consumers, but its main force would be the implementation and management of the sales and marketing staff and of all commercial actions that will lead to reaching the turnover objectives determined together with its client. The French company is offering its services under an outsourcing, a subcontracting or a service provision contract.





07005004Education and educational products and materials

M.74.9.0Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
N.78.3.0Other human resources provision

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The French company is offering its services to foreign companies from all sectors, proposing products and/or services and willing to develop their presence on the French market, either through a B2B or a B2C channel. The foreign company is expected to be able to provide the relevant training if necessary, in particular for technical products or services, in order for the sales teams to be able to present the advantages of the offer to potential clients. The targets and objectives will be fixed together with the client. When necessary, the French company will proceed with the recruitment of specialised sales staff that is experienced in the client’s particular field of activity. The French company is interested in working with clients under a service provision, subcontracting or outsourcing contract.

SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250



Industry SME 11-49

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The French company has experience working on the B2B and B2C markets, and has represented foreign companies that are offering both services and products. Most of its clients are SMEs, either foreign companies willing to grow their turnover on the French market, or French companies that prefer outsourcing their sales staff, or that are interested in growing their business abroad. The French company



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