UK Company has developed an innovative CV / Resume creating system and is looking for agents / distributors


UK Company has developed an innovative web-portal that creates CVs/Resumes suitable for different countries. The white labelled product can be customised and branded for different organisations. Beneficial for any organisation helping people to develop careers or find employment the company is looking for trade intermediary (agents and distributors) across Europe to sell the product under a license agreement.

The service automates the otherwise manual process of CV creation. It saves time, effort and money for everyone involved. The person creating the CV simply follows the online prompts and types the information required. There are hints and tips that keep the user informed along the way. The unique feature allows users to create sections in the CV which will make the CV unique to them. The service is available anywhere where an internet connection is available. There are no formatting skills required by the user as the system will format all the content in the designed templates. Navigation and registration to the site is particularly good with a simple registration through email or Facebook. There is a dashboard to keep track of all CVs created with unlimited edits and creation of CVs. The CV can be duplicated for ease of use when applying for different jobs. Organisations get access to an admin control whereby features can be customised. Organisation logos and colours can be added to offer a bespoke service. The product is only available in English at the moment. Online statistics and reports are available to help organisations to track, view and edit all users and CVs.

The UK company helps organisations including schools, universities, training providers, recruitment companies etc. to automate the process of creating a CV. The service is embedded into an organisations website allowing users to automate the creation of professional looking CVs/Resumes effortlessly. The company is looking for trade intermediary (agents and distributors) across Europe to sell the product under a license agreement The customised branded system sits comfortably on any website working 24/7 and works as often as required. There are many customised web automation features that helps users to create a professional looking CV whilst the admin control allows organisations to track every user and the CVs with online statistics and reports. The system has been piloted successfully in the UK and across the Middle East and is now ready for the wider European market. The service is compatible to all types of CV formats and layouts in any country. The service has many registered users across different sectors of industry with particular emphasis in the education and training sector. Particularly useful where users who need to create CVs have little or no ICT skills and for organisations like schools and universities that need to create and keep track of large volumes of users and CVs. Also useful for users who are job searching and need a professional looking CV. The company has received recognition and positive feedback from advisors of Careers and Employability advice services in the UK.





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The ideal partner(s) will have specific experience of selling services within the education, training, careers and local government departments sector. Specifically ones who have established contacts and relationships and can get access to decision makers. The partner(s) can be an individual/consultation or an organisation. The company would consider exclusivity for specific countries but this would be against agreed targets and outputs that would need to be achieved. The company would be responsible for all aspects of marketing and sales.

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The company's development team have over 14 years of experience designing and developing websites and have used this experience to help develop this product. All of the work is tailor made in-house, no templates and no outsourcing is used; this means the company can be more flexible to client's requirements and needs both now and in the future.



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