Dutch SME is looking for distributors abroad for innovative outdoor workout device


A Dutch SME is looking for distributors abroad for an innovative outdoor workout device. The Dutch company focusses since 2001 on the development of sustainable and sportive products and is ready to distribute its smart outdoor workout device. The device can best be described as a smart combination of a crosstrainer and a bike and is mainly to be used for a pleasant and complete outdoor body workout. The SME is looking for distribution services agreements.

Innovative aspects of the device: - Smart new application/combination of existing techniques, developed with the needs of the particular target group in mind. - As little and as light as possible materials are applied. The device has the following advantages: - It is a device for a complete body work out (all muscle groups and body perseverance), unlike any other yet existing outdoor sports device. - The device avoids heavy impact on the joints (diminishment of injuries) - It is fun to learn and use, it gives a special experience, in particular when making curves. - It is a healthy training device like a crosstrainer, but for outdoor use so one can enjoy the fresh air. - Easy to handle and store due to it's low weight and small size. - Low and easy maintenance (repair can be done by oneself or at a bike shop).

A Dutch SME developed an innovative outdoor workout device and is looking for distributors abroad. The product can best be described as a smart combination of a crosstrainer and a bike. The result is a device that makes it possible to comfortably workout in the open air and move over distance at the same time. Exercising becomes more fun, while the effectiveness is the same as the result from a complete work out session on an indoor fitness device. The Research and Development of the device is done together with a Dutch Technical University and a Dutch institute specialised in sports innovation, which resulted in an ergonomic and complete design for the end users. About 80% of the device is made of standard bicycle parts. The device is designed for sportsmen/women who like to have an extra training or workout possibility. Target age between is between 20-50 years. Most of them will be runners, bikers and skaters. To learn to ride the device requires just a little bit of exercise, concentration, strength and flexibility but overall it is easy to learn and therefore very accessible to the target group. The speed range is approximately 10-20 km/h and the device can be used on all pavements. The device is light and easy to lift up, and therefore easy to bring outside, to put in a car or to take it with in the train to use it elsewhere. When exercising, one can enjoy the fresh outside air, and feel the lovely moves when making turns (like on a snowboard). Scientifically testing of the device showed that the exercise value is the same as that of swimming or running. The device comes in two models: The basic model is designed for leisure use, as a gadget and for fun lovers. It has an automatic speed hub (which means it changes gear automatically based on ones speed, it has no shifter). The wheels are small and tuned for an easy ride. It has a 16 inch front wheel and 8 inch back wheel. The sports model comes with a 8 gear hub (not automatic) and a 20 inch front wheel and is designed to go with a higher speed for more intensive work-out. A universal foldable roller unit that enables the user to use the device inside (any room in the house) is optional available. The company: The company was founded in 1984 and started with the production and distribution of its own, initially mainly small furniture designs. Since 2001 the company focusses on the development of sustainable and sportive products. Goals of the company: By adoption of the device in new countries by selling it through international partners the company tries To achieve the device to become a globally accepted work out device in the sports





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The SME is looking for distributors per country, worlwide. The partner sought is an SME that - Is able to commit to the innovative concept - Has a suitable business network or outlet - Has local / regional / national operating companies - Has a positive and ‘let's-make-it-happen-together' mentality

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The company is engaged in transnational cooperation, however not yet for the described device.



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